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Pishachini 4th October 2022 Episode starts with Sanchit telling Pavitra that they will not waste food and will eat it. Rocky says someone made it with love, so they will have it He asks Pavitra to come and have food, or else she will faint being hungry.

He asks her not to take tension and says he knows his family well, and that they will be fine soon. He says everything will be fine, don’t worry. He says let’s have food. Aye dil plays….He makes her sit at the table and serves her food.

Vidya makes her have food. Rani prays to Goddess and says she is scared of her, that she is doing some conspiracy, and asks her to bless her so that she can fight with her and win. Vidya reads the book on Pishach that Goddess blesses humans to fight with devils.

She thinks Devimaa will bless Pavitra to fight with Rani. The diya’s light comes out and goes inside Pavitra’s forehead, and she gets the divine powers.

The evil trio asks Rani if this globe will save us. Rani says during Navratri the evil powers are at their weakest point and says you all can destroy, but not me. She says she is the strongest. She recalls the devil telling her that Devi’s powers will be more than her and showing her the way of Pataal Agni.

He says whoever touches it will be in your control and you can use it before Dussehra. Rani tells them that she will make Rocky mad with her love, and says Rocky, I am coming. They laugh.

Sanchit and Vidya come to Rocky and ask what happened. Rocky says I thought Pavitra will get happy seeing my care, but she is upset with me, don’t know where is she. Vidya says she is doing so much for you, and you don’t know how much she loves you. Rocky asks why she stays away from me.

Shikha comes and says as you try to go near her. Pavitra searches for Rocky. Rocky says you were upset with my marriage. Shikha says I will not let you do any mistake and says if someone takes care of you, then you shall show that you don’t care for her. Sanchit says this suggestion is not right. Rocky says this funda is right. He says he will do this and goes. Shikha thinks everything is happening as per Rani’s plan. Vidya and Sanchit are shocked. Shikha replies to them and goes.

Pavitra comes to the room and sees the clothes on the floor. Rocky thinks to act as if he doesn’t care for her. Pavitra asks what is all this? She picks the clothes from the floor. He says this is my style and I will live like this, and will not change for you. Rani sends Pataal Agni to Rocky’s room so that he comes to her.

Pavitra drinks water sitting on the bed. He takes the guitar and plays it. He says he wants to hear a good rhythm, if she is getting disturbed then shall go to another room.
She thinks of Rani’s words and says she has no problem. He says the light will be on. She says to switch it off whenever he wants.

He thinks to try something else and sits on the bed playing video games. Pavitra thinks Rani can do anything, I have to be awake all night and protect him. Rani thinks she might have slept by now, due to the medicine in her water. Rocky sees Pavitra sleeping and comes to her. He makes her sleep properly and sits beside her admiring her.

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Telecast Date:4th October 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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