Pishachini 31st October 2022 Written Episode Update


Pishachini 31st October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Pishachini 31st October 2022 Episode starts with Rocky telling Rani that he is having the real ring and she is having the stone pebble in her hand. Rani asks him to return her ring. Rocky says you want it, and asks Mendy to open his mouth. Mendy opens his mouth. Rocky throws the ring and the ring goes in Mendy’s mouth.

Rani gets angry and asks him to spit the ring. Mendy says he has swallowed it, thinking it as sweet. Rani says today I will eat you. She goes behind Mendy. Pavitra says Mendy has swallowed the ring, the moon has appeared and we have to divert the moon light on Sanchit.

They hold the hands and make the moon light falls on Sanchit. Sanchit gets freed of Rani’s magic. Rocky says you have freed him of the magic. Pavitra says we have done this together. Sanchit gains consciousness and recalls all the happenings. He says I am married to Rani and she has made me puppet, and that horrific moments are truth. Rocky says yes, but you are now out of Rani’s magic.

He says welcome back. Sanchit hugs him and tells that he knew that he will be proved as the protector. Rocky says he likes to be praised but the real hero is Pavitra. Sanchit thanks Pavitra. Pavitra says we shall go from here, before Rani comes back.

Rocky says first Sanchit’s safety is the top most priority and tells that they shall hide him till then. Sanchit says I will not hide and will reveal Rani’s truth to everyone. He says I will tell everyone that Rani is a Pishachini and not their bahu, who has returned after 20 years.

Everyone is playing cards at home. Veer shows the last card. Shikha says it shall be used in last. Sapna brings tea for everyone. Veer says it is not healthy in night. Manohar asks about Babu ji. Sapna says he has slept and the kids have gone out. Vidya worries for them.

Sanchit, Rocky and Pavitra are walking in the jungle. Rani is on the tree. Pavitra senses the movement. Rocky asks her not to worry. Bubbly asks Vidya why she didn’t go with them. Vidya says they didn’t take me. Bubbly says they must have gone to couple party. Shikha says if we have known then we would have gone with them. Veer says no and tells that they should have stayed at home.

Sapna’s husband says they will return soon. Veer says it is dangerous as before the amavas night, the evil powers are at its peak and can harm us and diyas are kept to ward off the black powers. Manohar says we are hearing this for the first time. Shikha asks what he didn’t read. He says he read a lot of black powers.

Sanchit tells that their marriage happened in a strange way, it is horrific. Pavitra asks if he remembers anything, and says what was Rani’s aim to stay in our house. Just then they see the speedy truck on the road. Pavitra says Rani is in it and we have to hide where she couldn’t reach us. Vidya sees Nashak’s book with Veer. He lies about it. Vidya gets doubtful about him.

Rocky, Pavitra and Sanchit start running. Rocky and Pavitra fall down at the other side of the road. Sanchit runs and reaches the cliff. Sanchit finds his legs tied with the magical powers. Rocky asks Pavitra to do something and save Sanchit. The truck is moving towards Sanchit.

Pavitra recalls her special powers and shows her hand saying jai bajrang bali. The truck changes the track and falls down from the cliff, while Sanchit is saved. Rocky and Pavitra come there and see the truck burning. Rocky says this seems to be the end of this chapter. Pavitra thinks I hope the other chapter is not dangerous than this.


Pishachini 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rani tells Mendy that her baby will be half Pishach and half human. Pavitra thinks to defeat Rani using her child.

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Telecast Date:31st October 2022
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