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Pishachini 31st August 2022 Sapna asks Pavitra why is she leaving. She says my aunt is waiting. Sudhakar says to stay for a day or two. Vidya says stay till Divali. Pavitra says I will keep you all in my prayers. Rani makes halwaa.

Rani says you are leaving? Won’t you welcome me when I come to this house as the bride? Pavitra says no. Rani says Rocky told me you both just met, always felt like you have always been friends. I wish you stayed. Babli hugs Pavitra. Pavitra gets a cut from Rani’s hand. She says blood..

Rani ties a cloth on her hand. Pavitra says thank you. Sapna says how did it happen? Pavitra says from this album maybe. Babli says this is Sudha’s. She was showing her their son Vikas, he is Rani and Himani’s brother. Rani says I will keep it or mom will start crying. Sapna says cry why?

Rani says our brother has gone far away from us. He can’t be in our wedding either. But it’s okay. Smile mama.. Sudha says you’re right. We are happy. Their feet are tied. Rani says to Pavitra aren’t you getting late? Pavitra says yes I am leaving.

Pavitra leaves. Sapna and Bali see her off. Sudhakar says take care. Rani looks at Pavitra from the gate. She says good bye. Pavitra sits in the car. She sees very long hair in the shadow on the door that Rani closed. Pavitra says maybe I was imagining it. Pavitra drives.

Scene 2
On the highway, Rocky stops Pavitra’s car. He stands in front of it. Pavitra says what do you want? He says your heart says it doesn’t want to go. she says how do you know? He says I can feel it. She says I know myself better than you. Why won’t I go? He says the same reason why I don’t want you to go.

She says I have no reason to stay here. He says you’re hurt because I said yes to Rani. She says you are immature and selfish. You don’t care about anyone’s feelings. I have no feelings for you. He says the show did you get this bruise?

He sees R on her mehndi. He says R for Rocky? She says a mistake, it will be clear in a few days. She says let me go. I have a flight. He says you missed one before too. She says no for you but your family because they were in danger. He says I refuse to believe that. Pavitra says I am leaving. Rocky holds her hand.

Rani says to Dada ji who will save you and your family now? Pavitra is gone as well. Rocky says I will tell Rani I won’t marry her. I couldn’t say yes. She says you spent a good time with her, see this lipstick mark. He says she fell. I only saved her. She says everything happens and you don’t know. She leaves.

Rocky holds her. Rocky says you know there’s something between us. She says you have nothing clear. I’ve had enough. He says I am not joking. She leaves. Rocky says Piku stop, please. She says don’t call me Piku. My parents gave me this name. Only people close to me call me Piku. You are no one to me. She walks away. Pavitra sits in her and leaves in tears. Rocky leaves as well.

Scene 3
Shikha gives prasad to Shikha. She says but you don’t believe in him? She says I do but I don’t get along. She says do what I say. Pavitra comes outside the dark gate. She says did I take a wrong turn? How did I come back here? She feels like someone is there. Mendy is dragging Vicky. Pavitra comes in. Mendy comes in front of her. She’s scared.

Sapna says Sanchit and Himani will do arti this time and they will be assisted. Rocky comes in and says Rocky and Rani Ji. Pavitra says I felt like I saw something. He says that. He points at gardening things. He disappears. Pavitra is shocked. She finds Vicky’s wallet there. She wonders how did it there.

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