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Pishachini 24th October 2022 Episode starts with Rocky asking the Pishach who are they? The Pishach tells that they are Pishach and tries to give them greed. Pavitra thinks don’t agree to their greed. Rocky says he don’t understand anything.

The Pishach asks if he don’t want to have any powers. Rocky nods his head in agreement. The Pishach says they will make him Pishach like them. Pavitra says I am sure that the light inside you will protect you against this evil.

She asks him to recall their marriage, seven rounds…Rocky recalls their marriage. The Pishachs attack Rocky and he falls down far with force. Pavitra closes her eyes and sees Rocky unconscious while the Pishachs laughs. She says how to guide him to see the way. She says jai bajrang bali and the hanuman ji’s weapon come in her hand.

She throws at the place where Rocky had vanished. Rocky finds his chain fallen far and picks it. The Pishach tells that he has become Pishach and asks him to feel the power. Rudra thinks he didn’t become Pishach due to Pavitra’s locket. The Pishach sees him and asks why his color has not turned green like them.

Rocky says I am not like you, as I am Mr. Bareily. He sees the door opening and tells that he has come hee by mistake, ties the locket around his palm, says that his wife is waiting for him. He will go. The Pishachs fights with him. The locket turned divine and Rocky fights with them. He thinks he could fight with them due to the locket.

He pushes them and runs towards the door. He jumps and gets inside the door before Pishachs could catch him. He falls down outside his house. Pavitra is waiting for him and looks at him through the mesh. She closes her eyes and opens again, to see him again. Khamoshiyan song plays….

She says Rocky and runs to him. Rocky also runs and comes to her. They have a hug. Rocky says I have returned because of you.Pavitra looks at him through the mesh, does his tilak and breaks her fast with his hand. Pavitra says I knew that you will come. He says he has come to break her fast and says he has come. Vidya sees him, gets happy and hugs him. He says I could return due to Pavitra. Vidya says how you must have felt there. Rocky says he is hungry.

Sanchit brings Rani to their room. She asks him to open his eyes and asks how is the room. He asks where did the family photos go. Rani says they don’t want anyone and has to be away from crowd. She pushes him on the bed and says whatever Rani likes, you also likes. Sanchit says even he likes.

Pavitra tells Rocky that she can’t imagined what he has gone through in Pishach lok. She calls him superhero. He says he is getting idiot feeling as he never believed on such powers and made fun of it. He says whatever happened with my family 20 years ago, I didn’t believe it too. He says when you told me, I didn’t believe. He says he was about to become Pishach, but her thought gave him strength and he could come here. He says he has realized what she meant for him. He holds her hand and wipes her tears.

Pishach Frog comes to Rani’s window. Rani goes and sign what? She thinks if Pavitra has done something. She peeps in Pavitra and Rocky’s room and find them there. She thinks how did Rocky come back from Pishach lok. The frog tells that Rocky and Pavitra have a strong love. Rani says there is nothing like love. Frog says their love is increasing and their relation is going to strengthen. Rani says only my child will be born, who will be half Pishach and half human, and says she will not let Pavitra and Rocky’s love to blossom.


Pishachini 25th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rocky defends Pavitra saying that Rani is lying and accusing Pavitra wrongly for whatever happened with Shikha. Sanchit hits Rocky hard on his face. Rani smiles. The family is shocked.

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Telecast Date:24th October 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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