Pishachini 22nd August 2022 Written Episode Update


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Pishachini 22nd August 2022 Door knocks. Shikha comes downstairs, she’s scared. She opens the door. It’s Pishachini. She says can I come in? Won’t you invite me? Shikha is scared. Pishachini laughs.

Pishachini enters the house and suffocates her. Shikha wakes up. She’s scared. It was her dream. Shikha says what have I done. How do I stop her now? Vidya says to Rocky you’re home tonight? How? He says I stay some nights home. She shows him pictures of the wedding. Vidya says when will you meet her again?

He says soon. Dada Ji says only Pavitra knows about the trunk and only she can save my family. He tries to make the trunk. He writes P.. Sudhakar says are you worried about Pratik? Don’t worry. Rocky says her heart is in India. Vidya says her aunt won’t let her come back to India. She’s gone. He says I am sure she’s missing me.

Pratik falls. Amrita says are you okay? you were right. Our lives are ruined. They’re very old. She says I hope no one repeats the mistake we did. Pratik says will death give us freedom from her? They both cry.

Rocky comes to dada Ji and gives him a blanket. He says I’ve to go somewhere. He leaves. Sudhakar says Rocky has gone out. His wife says no he’s with dada ji. He will do his responsibility right. Rocky says to Sachin can you stay with dada Ji tonight? I am coming in a bit. Sachin is on call so he didn’t hear.

Sapna says Rocky knows his responsibility. Sudhakar says Sachin is also our son but he’s so mature. Sapna says there’s a proposal for Sachin. She’s Amrita’s friend’s daughter. Sudhakar says and there’s Rocky on the other side. Who will marry him? She says he has a good heart. He will find the perfect girl. Babu Ji will be the happiest.

Pishachini says babbu.. Audhiya babu.. See who is here. Babu Ji looks at her. He’s shocked and scared. Pishachini says are you happy to see me? Come here? You can’t walk. I can help you. She drags him out with her hair. Sudhakar says let me see dad. Sapna says Rocky can never be irresponsible with him.

Don’t worry. Pishachini says I know I can enter this house now. You have to die tonight. She throttles him and drags him around. Pishachini says goodbye. Dada Ji hits a chandelier. It falls. Everyone rushes there.

Pishachini runs. Everyone comes there. Sapna says how did this happen? He was on the bed. He can’t even move. Vidya says he might be thirsty. Babi says but the water is right there. Sudhakar says where is Rocky? I left him with dad.

Scene 2
Rocky rides his bike on the highway. He thinks about Pavitra. He says I will find you soon. Rocky sends Pavitra a message and says are you here? He sees Pavitra talking to her aunt on the call.

Shikha is scared. She says did Pishachini do that to dada Ji? What should I do? Shikha sees a frog. She tries to scare it away. It turns into a man. Shikha is sared. Pishachini is also there. Shikha runs out in anger. Pishachini says to meet him. He is my frog. Shikha tries to go in. Pishachini drags her out. Shikha is scared. She brings Shikha to well.


Pishachini 23rd August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pishachini says I will make this house ruin and everyone in this house a witch like me. My first target is that Rocky. Pavitra comes in.

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Telecast Date:22nd August 2022
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