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Pishachini 18th October 2022 Episode starts with Rocky coming out from the bathtub to get ice. His body starts catching fire. He finds himself in Pishach lok, and then he is back in room. He thinks Pishach Lok is dragging him there.

Pavitra asks Vidya to find out fast and goes. Vidya overhears Shikha talking to her boyfriend and tells that she told her family that she likes him, and says she didn’t tell them that they haven’t met yet. She turns and sees Vidya standing. Vidya says you didn’t meet him yet and is calling him here. Shikha asks her not to interfere in her life. Pavitra comes to the washroom and finds Rocky not there.

Just then she sees Rocky standing and burning. Rocky ask who are you? Pavitra is shocked and asks him not to say this. She keeps her hand on his body and he gets fine and the fire is set off. He says it is good that you came, and tells that he is feeling as if his one leg is in Pataal lok. Vidya comes there and tells that Nakshak replied.

Rani thinks to keep Shikha on her side and gives her chain and pendant as gift. Shikha asks if she has any work from her. Prateik says you are our favorite niece. Shikha says she knows them. Rani says I asked you to keep eye on Nikita. Shikha says she had stolen Pavitra’s phone and traced Nikita’s location. Amrita asks where is she? Shikha says she was not there at the last location. Prateik thinks if Nikita comes here, then she will not be alive.

Vidya reads the letter of Nashak, who tells that Pishach lok powers attracts the person who steps on the pataal agni, and that he will find the solution, but until he finds the solution, such person shall take shelter in such a place where the Pishach lok powers are less.

Rocky asks what is that place. Pavitra says temple. Shikha calls Nikita and asks her to come to Bareily and Pavitra asked her to come and has something to said about her parents. She thinks she is taking revenge from Prateik and Amrita.

Dada ji meets Maha Pishach in Pishach Lok and says Rani doesn’t know what you are going to do, and I want to support you always. Maha pishach asks why you want to support me. Dada ji says Rani has lost from an ordinary woman and couldn’t get the Maha Pishachini crown. He says we don’t want to work under her, and want to be just your slave.

Pavitra and Vidya are taking Rocky outside the room. Suddenly the fire sets off. Pavitra says we shall go fast. Rocky catches fire again. Pavitra says we shall go. Dada ji comes back to the room. Rani sees the lava coming out of his room.

Pavitra, Rocky and Vidya hide seeing Bubbly and Manohar talking. Just as they go, Rocky tells Pavitra that he don’t want his family members to see him in this condition, and don’t want to snatch their peace and happiness. He says he can’t take shelter in this inhouse temple.

Rani asks Dada ji why did he go to Pishach lok. He says he went just to see the sight. Rani says she shall not get the chance again. Rocky tells that he can’t risk his family members. Pavitra says I always knew that you look immature, but you are matured and thinks about family. She reminds him of Nakshak’s words. Rocky says we shall go out to the nearby temple. Pavitra says we don’t have much time.

Rocky says we have to take risk and shall go there. They come to the door and see Nikita standing. Suddenly Nikita sees Rocky’s hands catching fire. Pavitra says I will tell you later, but why did you come? Nikita says I got your call and that’s why came. Pavitra says I asked you not to come here. Nikita says it was female voice. Pavitra says we have to take Rocky to temple and asks her to come with them. Prateik asks them to stop.

Sapna tells her husband that Sanchit and Rocky used to make arrangements together. Sanchit recalls Rani’s words and badmouths about Rocky and Pavitra. Nikita sees her parents and gets emotional seeing them. Shikha thinks now the real fun will happen. Pavitra thinks Rocky needs to be taken to the temple immediately, but can’t leave Nikita alone with Pishachs, and thinks whom to save?

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Telecast Date:18th October 2022
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