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Pishachini 17th October 2022 Episode starts with Rani threatening Sanchit and pierces her neck with her long nails. She says you will not tell anyone. Sanchit is shocked. Rocky gets nightmare about Pishachs calling him. Pavitra thinks what happened to him. Rani hypnotizes Sanchit and asks him to sleep like a good boy.

She says she will sing lullaby for him and sings evil lullaby for him. He sleeps. Pavitra joins the bed and sits near Rocky. She pacifies him reading the holy mantras. Rani continues to sing.

Sapna asks Bubbly where is Matri? Bubbly says it is on table. Sapna asks her to call Rani. Bubbly asks shall I call Pavitra also for her first fast. Sapna says ok and asks her to call Rani first, and says she is very pati vrata, must be ready.

Sanchit is massaging Rani’s feet, when she senses Bubbly coming and pretends to be taking Sanchit’s blessings. Bubbly comes there and tells that Sapna was right, she is very sanskari. Rani says Sanchit has kept fast for her as well.

Pavitra puts ice cubes in the bath tub where Rocky is sitting. Rocky says he is fine. Pavitra says Vidya is talking to the writer and she is sure that some miracle will happen and he will be fine. He says if no miracle happens, then also he is not sad after spending some good beautiful moments with her, he has no regrets.

Pavitra keeps her hand on his mouth. He says you want me to do as you say, and says you are no. 1 dictator, hitler. Pavitra says it is one of my quality. He says all the ice is melting. She says she has brought more ice.

Bubbly tells that Manoj eats food and doesn’t keep fast, and Sanchit is keeping fast for her. She goes. Sanchit asks if he is keeping fast for him. She says if you don’t keep fast for me, then how my life will be more than you. Someone knocks on Pavitra’s room door. Rocky asks Pavitra to go and have sargi. He asks her, to tell everyone that he is sleeping. Pavitra opens the door and sees Rani standing.

Rani sees ice cube on the floor and asks if he is fine? Pavitra says he is sleeping. Rani tries to go inside the bathroom, but Pavitra stops her. Rani says you can’t save Rocky. Rocky thinks what to do, as the water is becoming steam and evaporating.

Rani tells that once someone steps on Pishach lok, then there is no return ticket, no human comes from there. Pavitra says she will do anything to save her husband, nobody can separate her from her husband. Bubbly comes and asks Rani to come and have sargi. She asks Pavitra to get ready and come.

Pavitra waits for Vidya to come. Everyone is having sargi. Rani asks Sanchit to have it. Shikha comes there and tells that she is keeping fast just like that. Sapna asks Bubbly about Amrita. Bubbly tells that Amrita already had the sargi. Vidya comes there and sits there.

Bubbly asks if she is keeping fast. Vidya says she came sensing the food smell. She whispers to pavitra that Nashak will mail just as he finds solution. Rani thinks what they are talking. She comes to Pavitra and says you can’t save your husband, think that he is dead. She tells Sapna and Bubbly that the food is amazing. Pavitra tells that she is going to Rocky. She gets up and asks Rani to eat kheer.

Rani says she eats less, and is on diet. Pavitra asks Sapna to make Rani eat with her hand. Sapna says I will make my dear Rani have sargi kheer with my hand. Pavitra goes. Sapna asks her to open her mouth. Shikha tells that she likes Veer, he is a professor of history. Actually he is Pishach.

Shikha praises him. Sapna says she wants to meet him. Bubbly asks her to tell about him. Shikha says let him come. Sapna sees Sanchit coming. Rani says let him eat and tells that all the women are not of good destiny like her. Pavitra looks at her. Rani thinks how she will celebrate Karwachauth as Rocky went to Pishach lok.

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Telecast Date:17th October 2022
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