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Pishachini 17th August 2022 Pavitra asks Rocky to check in the storeroom. she says I will check in Pratik’s room. He says won’t you be scared? She says to worry for yourself. Dada Ji is hanging from the window. Pavitra comes into Pratik’s room. Amrita and Pratik are there with their real conditions.

Amrita says thank God she will leave today forever. Everyone only sees what we have gained but only we know what we have lost in 20 years. How much have we suffered? Pavitra comes near their dressing room.

She is about to look inside. Rocky stops her. Amrita says someone is outside. Rocky looks at Pavitra. HE says did you find anything? She says no. Amrita says who is here? They hide. Rocky and Pavitra look at each other.

Dada Ji tries to jump into the pool. Pratik picks up the trunk. Amrita says what are you doing? He says we will burn this. She says no she will go to Bareli. He says we have lost everything. We got money? And we lost everything.

Our three kids. Our innocent kids were taken from us. Dada Ji is hung outside the same window. He recalls seeing a photo with 4 kids with Amrita and Pratik. He says I wish we stopped 20 years ago. He cries.

Dada Ji looks at them. Pratik says I won’t let her go to Bareli and harm my family. My dad hasn’t even hugged me once. He cries. Pratik says I can’t do more harm to them. Amrita says she won’t forgive us. Please don’t do this. He runs out. Dada Ji cries.

Pratik sneaks out. He sees a chandelier on the floor. Nikika asks how do I look? He says you look very pretty. I hope you always stay blessed. Pisachini is there with her face hidden. Pratik forgets the trunk in the chandelier.

Scene 2
Nikita gets ready. The wedding starts. Amrita gets emotional. Rocky looks at Pavitra. Babu Ji says Pratik needs us. Pavitra was right. Once I find that trunk we can stop her. Pavitra says I need to find that trunk.

Pavitra’s aunt calls her and says to come back tomorrow after the wedding. Pavitra says I will come back. She thinks about her promise. Pavitra says please help me, God. I can’t leave without that trunk. She takes her selfie.

Pavitra sees the trunk in the chandelier in the photo. She looks at it. The wedding starts. Pavitra goes to balcony and tries to jump to the chandelier. Rocky looks for Pavitra. The chandelier falls but the trunk isn’t in it.

Dada Ji has picked up the trunk before Pavitra came downstairs. He runs in the jungle. He says I’ve to take it away from my family. I couldn’t risk Pavitra’s life. He runs. Pavitra looks for the trunk everywhere. Rocky looks at her. Pavitra wonders where’s dada ji? Rocky goes after her. Dada Ji runs in the jungle.

Pratik comes to the room. A girl touches his face. He says you brought me here to romance with me? But the wedding is going on. I didn’t know you could get romantic too. Pavitra comes from the front and says, Rocky.

He looks back, no one is there. Pavitra asks Rocky to look for dada Ji. She says here nowhere. Pishachini comes at her back. Pratik stops the wedding. he says babu Ji isn’t here. Rocky calls dada Ji but his phone is in the room.

Dada Ji runs in the jungle. He sees a tree. He keeps running. Pishachini follows Pavitra.

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Telecast Date:17th August 2022
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