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Pishachini 14th October 2022 Episode starts with Rocky asking Pavitra, how did Dadu become Pishach? Pavitra says Dadu has no other way out, he sacrificed himself for our family. She says we can’t do anything, rather than praying that the departed souls shall get mukti. She says now we are a team,

I am not alone. He says yes and holds her closer. He says surely Ms. London. He looks at her. She says time has come, you are my closer one and can call me peeko. He says I used to call you peeko from my heart. He forwards his hand. Pavitra hold his hand and they dance. Just then a fire ball was thrown on the ground. It catches Rocky’s hand and it starts burning. Rani sees Rocky’s burning hand in the Pataal agni. Pavitra asks Rocky, what was it? Rocky’s both hands start burning.

Rani realizes Rocky had stepped on Pataal agni and that’s why Pavitra could fly in air. She says Rocky haven’t become Pishach till now, but Pataal lok’s lava has touched you, so you will come here and become Pishach slowly. She tells that Pavitra has lost her husband, just like I have lost the crown. Pavitra asks Rocky if he is fine? Rocky says this was not ordinary fire.

Sanchit is sleeping and recalls his marriage with Rani. He gets horrified in his dream. Amrita and Prateik look at him. Prateik says it seems he is coming out of pataal agni’s effect. Amrita says yes, he is coming out of the effect. Dada ji says Rocky has come to know about Rani, if Sanchit reveals to everyone, we can’t increase our enemies. Rocky’s sister comes there and says what did you say? He says if Rani has become Maha Pishachini today, then you would have let all of us die.

Rocky screams in pain as his back catches fire. Pavitra comes there and sees fire. She tries to set it off when the fire sets off. Vidya comes there and gets shocked. She tells Pavitra that their doubt was right, and shows the pic in which the fire was caught at the back of the person. Vidya says when bhaiyya has entered Pataal agni then the Pishachs have touched him, and now they are dragging him towards them. Pavitra says how to stop this? Vidya says she is reading.

Prateik tells Shikha that they are worried for her. Shikha says if you have cared about me, then you wouldn’t have ignored my sayings. She says she wanted to meet her online friend. Amrita says right now Rani wants to become Maha Pishachini.

Shikha says what about my dreams. Dada ji says Rani has done whatever you want and made you beautiful. He asks her to do as Prateik said. Shikha says listen to me. Amrita shows her Pishach avatar and asks her to go. Shikha sees their Pishach avatar and gets shocked.

Rocky and Pavitra ask Vidya to say. Vidya reads and tells that there is no solution to get rid of it. Rocky and Pavitra is shocked. Rocky says so this fire is taking me to make Pishach, if there is any time left to get saved. Pavitra gets worried ad comes to him. Vidya and Pavitra keep their heads on his shoulder.

Amrita looks at Sanchit and says come fast Rani. Shikha comes out and tells Sapna and Bubbly, that Rani went out for some work. She tells that Sanchit is sleeping due to the spray. Sapna praises Rani’s beauty along with Bubbly. Shikha tells that the scar went away from her face and she is now beautiful. Sapna says this might have happened due to Rani, she had given face cream to you.

Shikha is upset. Bubbly and Sapna go on praising Rani that it is her first karwachauth. Rani comes back to Sanchit room. Amrita, Prateik and Dada ji look at her. Rani asks what happened and goes to Sanchit. Rocky is in his bathroom and removes his shirt.

Suddenly his face catches fire and he finds himself in the pataal lok and the pishach are trying to hold him. Rocky comes back and gets scared. Pavitra comes there and asks Rocky if he is fine. She asks if that fire was pulling you. Rocky says I have seen Pishach lok’s fire and they were dragging me like a magnet.

Sanchit gains consciousness and tells that he is really married to Rani. Rani comes there and shows her Pishach avatar with long nails and tells that they have to be married until her mission is fulfilled. Pavitra says we are one and nothing will happen to you. Sanchit asks Rani if Pavitra was right and asks if she is Pishachini. Rani says yes. Sanchit says I will tell everyone. Pavitra scares him with her long nail.


Pishachini 15th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rani tells that once someone goes to Pishach lok then that person can never be back. Rocky is dragged and is going inside Pishach lok. Pavitra shouts and throws something at him. She challenges Rani that she will bring back her husband.

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Telecast Date:14th October 2022
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