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Pishachini 11th October 2022 Episode starts with Rani telling Pavitra that she will never get Rocky back. She says even if you tell the Rajput family, they will believe me and not you. She pushes her down on the ground. Rocky comes near Pavitra and tries to touch her, but he can’t touch her.

Rani says I was after your husband, but you was always protecting him. She asks her to go and says now, I can become Maha Pishachini. Pavitra makes Rani fall down and says she will get her husband back. Rani asks her to get her husband if she finds, and says she just wants Maha Pishach’s crown.

She asks her to let her go, as her husband is waiting for her. Pavitra says I will not let you go, until you bring back Rocky. Rani flies in air with Pavitra and tells that she really don’t know where is Rocky? She says she just wanted to corrupt the blood of Rajputs with her blood, and says now she got what she wanted, and tells that she will get Maha Pishach’s crown infront of her Mata Rani.

She asks her to shed her tears in her invisible husband’s remembrance. She pushes her down from the tree. Rocky asks if you are fine, Ms. London.

Rani takes her bride’s form and starts walking. Pavitra tells Rani that this Dussehra, her evil will end and the good will win. She says I will search my husband and get him even from Pataal and you can’t become Maha Pishachini, this is my promise. Rocky hears her and thinks if he had believed her, then this wouldn’t have happened.

Sapna tells that she is very happy with Rani and Sanchit’s marriage. Her husband is also happy. Bubbly tells that she is waiting for Sanchit and Rani to sit for havan. Amrita comes there with her husband and tells about another goodnews. Everyone sees Babu ji standing on his feet. Rocky’s father gets happy.

Babu ji gives the credit to Rani for his recovery, and goes on praising her. Everyone gets overwhelmed with Rani’s big favors on them. Rani thinks very soon she will become Maha Pishachini, just few hours left. She thinks she liked Rocky, but have to work with Sanchit now. Sanchit comes there. She calls him near.

Pavitra prays to hanuman ji and tells that she doesn’t know where is Rocky, but she is sure that he will show her way and will not let her lose. She says you will bring my husband back, I have faith on you. She asks him to bring Rocky back to her and cries. Rocky sees Pavitra praying for her and tries to touch her.

He calls her repeatedly, but she couldn’t hear him. He thinks how to tell her that I am here, and thinks what to do. He prays to Hanuman ji to help them, hear his prayers. Suddenly they hear a noise as the box moves on the table. Rocky sees the box on the table. Pavitra gets up and comes near the table. She sees the box opening by itself. He thanks Hanuman ji for letting him touch few things. He holds the chain and pendant in his hand. Pavitra realizes Rocky is there.

Rani asks how is she looking? Sanchit says very beautiful. He says I will go and see the puja arrangements. Rani asks if he don’t want to spend time with her. Pavitra tells Rocky that she can’t see him, but can feel him.

He says yes, I am near you. He blows wind from his mouth. Pavitra smiles and says don’t worry, I will not let anything happen to you. She says you will soon stand infront of me with your smiling face.

Sanchit asks Rani what is she doing, as aarti is about to start? Rani says this time is ours. Rocky comes there and throws water on Sanchit. Sanchit says who has thrown the water on us. Rani says I will remove your clothes. Rocky makes the curtain fall down. Sanchit gets scared. Rani tries to trap Sanchit, but Rocky stops Rani. Pavitra sees Rocky executing her plan. Rani thinks if Rocky is doing this.

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Telecast Date:11th October 2022
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