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Pishachini 10th August 2022 Pavitra opens the door. Pishachini feels weak. Pratik recalls old memories with his brothers. Sudhakar says people don’t change. You’re the same for us as you were 20 years ago. You have succeeded a lot.

He says I have lost a lot too. I don’t know if what we did was right or wrong. Sudhakar’s wife says we should celebrate this time. Nikita says to Amrita he is the best. Pavitra says you didn’t even show me his photo.

Nikita says I will show it. Nikita says I am tired of these rituals. We can’t even meet before the meeting but you can meet him. She waves at Nikhil. Nikhil leaves and Pavitra sees Rocky. She says to him? Nikita says yes.

He’s hot right? Pavitra is confused. She says but.. Nikita says you should go and chill. I will show you your room. Pavitra says how did she fall for this cheap flirt.

Pishachini comes in and looks for Pavitra. Pavitra sees her parent’s photo. She says I miss you all so much. A dog gets scared to see Pishachini. Babu ji sees the dor. He sees Pishachini’s back. He says Pishachini.

She comes outside Pavitra’s room. Pisachini sees idol there. She feels weak and she goes out. SHe can’t touch Pavitra. Pavitra says I felt like someone was here. She looks out. No one is there. She hears Pishachini’s bangle. Pavitra follows the voice. She hears a mantra. Pavitra looks back no one is there. Pishachini hides on the roof.

Nikita calls Pavitra and asks her to come downstairs. Babu ji says we have to go back. Sudhakar asks what happened. He says Pishachini is here.

I saw her there. I saw her shadow. A dog got scared. Babi says oh God, we should run too. Sudhakar says it could be your fear. He says there is no temple in this house. There is no picture or Ram. He lied to us. She could be here.

Scene 2
Pratik says we shouldn’t have listened to her. We are deceiving our family. I shouldn’t have done that. Amrita says we have no other option. You know what she can do. He says I will take dad and Sudhakar outside and tell them. She won’t know. Pishachini comes there. She says nothing can be hidden from me. She laughs.

Pavitra comes outside a room. She sees Rocky inside. He’s flirting with a girl. The girl says I got you orange juice. He says we think alike. Pavitra says he is such a flirt. How is Nikita marrying him?

Pishachini says you thought you could fool me? Pratik make me wear these earrings. She says you slipped again. I did so much for you. You can’t do this for me? You know what can I do. I feel very sad. You didn’t learn anything in 20 years. She says you gave me pain. She says your daughter..

I can give her a special gift for this wedding. You wanna come and see? They are scared. She says see your daughter is so happy. What if I give her an additional round? She made a circle around her neck. Pishachini says that the necklace can throttle her any second. Nikita falls. She feels suffocated.

They scream. Pishachini says it can kill her in a second. Amrita says stop it please. We will do what you say. Pratik says we won’t tell anyone. Pishachini lets her go. Nikita is scared of what happened to her. Pishachini says see how nice I am. Pishachini says you know what to do or you will lose your daughter. They say yes.

Pavitra walks around. Pishachini looks at her. She says who is she? Pishachini finds Nikita’s room. Pavitra says he is a flirt. Nikita says he can never cheat on me. He loves me only. Pavitra says I know you feel hurt but I saw him flirting. I will find proofs and show them to you.

Scene 3
Rocky goes out with his sisters. Sachin says this place is so nicce. Rocky says Pratik chacha earned so much. Shikha says what are you trying to say? Sachin says what if he actually chose the wrong way? Rocky says who cares about the way when the destiney is this beautiful. I wonder who named her Pishachini.

She should be named queen of money. Sachin says shut up. Rocky says everything is so rich here. Rocky says there is one girl from London here. But she’s a bit rude. Shikha says wow. Rocky says there is another one too. Shika says who? He says I don’t know her name. Pishachini follows them.

Rocky says it could be Pishachini. Sachin says shut up. He says I saw her laughing here. I couldn’t meet her. Sachin says she slipped out of your hands? Sachin says you will meet a witch? He says she will make me rich. Pishachini tries to touch him.

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