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Parineetii 9th August 2022 Neeti says okay let’s go. But if you’re not right you won’t ever say anything against Sanju. Pari says I promise. Let’s go. Naman flirts with Natasha. She says control. He says I can’t control it.

He says I will take revenge once we are married. Rajiv comes and asks where is Neeti. Natasha says you both keep asking about each other. Neeti went with Pari upstairs. Rajiv says Pari won’t let me live. Natasha kisses Naman.

Ajay calls Jai but he doesn’t pick up. Shreya says you’re a liar. Shreya says to call him, he isn’t picking up. Jai picks. Ajay says Jai please tell Shreya everything. Please things are losing here. Jai says you lost the bet? Jai tells Shreya. He says we were only betting. We were betting if you would trust him.

He lost the bet. We thought you would trust him. Shreya says sorry to Ajay. He says let it be. She says sorry naa. Shreya says I am leaving too then. Pari asks Neeti to open the door and see the truth. Neeti is about to open the door.

Ajay says I can’t live without you. I love you. Neeti opens the door. An old man is inside. A girl is with him. Pari goes downstairs. The woman says you’re so old. He says we will live in. She says uncle I only wanna marry you. You don’t have time. I will take care of your property once you’re married. Pari asks Neeti what happened. Neeti says Sanju wasn’t in that room. Pari says that’s the wrong room.

Sorry. Let’s go upstairs. Neeti says please stop accusing Sanju like that. She takes Neeti upstairis. The lift opens. Pari sees Shreya and Ajay. Ajay closes the door. Pari says he was in the lift with that girl. Shreya says we are getting stuck in Sanju’s mess. Tell him we won’t help him anymore.

Rajiv asks Ajay if he saw neeti and Pari. He says we can’t help you. It’s ruining our relationship. Shreya says we have had enough. They leave. Rajiv says how do I get out of this mess. Rajiv says to Shreya please listen. Pari and Neeti see his back. Pari says see.. Neeti says we will find his truth.

Ajay says to Rajiv I can’t help you anymore. Rajiv says sorry to Shreya and Ajay in the car. Rajiv sees Pari and Neeti there. He sits in the car and says sorry to Shreya. Neeti sees him. Neeti says Sanju was in the car and that girl was also there. He was saying sorry. Pari says call and ask him where he is.

Neeti recalls what Sanju said earlier. Pari says call him Neeti. Ask him where he is. Neeti calls Sanju. She asks where are you? He says I have an important office call. Neeti cries and says sorry Pari. You were right. Pari says don’t cry. I know how you feel. Don’t cry like this. Neeti says how can Sanju do that.

Scene 2
Pari and Neeti are in the car. Neeti says Sanju was sitting in the car with that girl and he was saying sorry all the time. He used to say he can’t stay the night because there was a problem in his house. Now I know that girl is the problem. Pari says he doesn’t live with you? Neeti says he leaves at night.

He said his Tai ji isn’t well. He didn’t tell his family. Pari says how can you get fooled by such words? Neeti cries and hugs her. Pari says we have to find out who that girl is. You have to steal Sanju’s phone.

Neeti comes home. She cries. Neeti thinks about her moments with Sanju. She recalls marrying him. Neeti cries looking at the flowers, it has a card I love you. Rajiv says I love you a lot. Neeti says get out. He says I had a problem. Neeti says I saw you in car with that who you were saying sorry to.

How long is that happening? He says it’s been a few days to our affair. Neeti says get out. He says you really doubt me? Neeti says you just confessed. You cheated on me. Why did you do this? He says I said it and you agreed? You don’t trust me. You wanna hear the truth? I have married her. You can think what you want. Neeti says have some shame. Does that girl know me? He says yes.

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