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Parineetii 5th October 2022 Episode starts with Rajiv’s Tai ji tells Pari that this baby might be planned to take your place, and tells that she will always be with her as her mother, and will shield her always. Pari cries and hugs her. Tai ji asks her to be wise else she will not get anything other than repentance.

Pari thinks she is missing her and thinks to talk to her on call. She calls her mother. Her mother asks if she is fine. Pari says she is fine. Her mother asks if Rajiv is fine and asks Pari to say if everything is fine. Pari says everything is fine and thinks how to tell you, what is happening here? Her mother asks if Neeti is fine?

Pari says yes, and thinks how to tell you that Neeti made me stand at this place. Her mother asks her to take care of Rajiv. She says you have forgotten me. Pari thinks how can I forget you. She says she has to make food and ends the call. Rajiv tells that he can’t come to office. Neeti asks what happened? Rajiv says he can’t leave her alone as she is having baby now. Neeti says she will call Pari here.

Doctor says he is discharging her and says she can go now. Neeti says I will call Pari and she will take me from here. Doctor asks Rajiv to do all the formalities. Neeti is about to call Pari. Rajiv says I will take you home. Neeti calls Pari and informs her that she is getting discharged from hospital. Pari says it is good. Rajiv says he will complete the formalities.

Pari comes to Tai ji and tells her that Neeti is getting discharged from hospital and asks if she can come here. She says this is Neeti’s sasural so she shall come here. Tai ji says ok. Pari asks her to do neeti’s grah pravesh with Rajiv. Tai ji says I have accepted Neeti as you said, but you are bahu for me.

Pari asks her to accept her, as Rajiv loves her and neeti is pregnant with his child. Tai ji says what about you? Pari says I have no right on Rajiv. Rajiv’s mother tells Neeti that she is Rajiv’s mother and Neeti’s saas so she will give the gift to Neeti. She thinks she will not let Tai ji do whatever she wants. Rajiv’s mother makes arrangements to welcome Neeti. Rajiv’s cousin thinks she doesn’t care for Neeti or Pari.

Pari comes to the hospital. Neeti asks if she is looking fine. Pari says yes like a new bride. Neeti asks how is sanju’s family? Rajiv says Pari has praised her a lot in her family. She asks if she had any fight with Rajiv? Pari asks her to concentrate on her grah pravesh. Neeti asks Sanju to fill her maang with sindoor.

Sanju asks if she has sindoor. Neeti says no. Pari gives her sindoor box and thinks of the Rajiv and Neeti’s marriage. Rajiv fills Neeti’s maang with sindoor while kismet song plays…Pari says she will come later after buying grah pravesh stuff. Pari comes home and goes to her room. She recalls the past and cries. Tu bhi roye gaa plays…..

Neeti and Rajiv are standing on the door. Neeti praises Pari for convincing the family. Rajiv says Pari is Pari. Rajiv’s mother in law comes and tells Neeti that if saas happy then everyone is happy. She asks Chandrika to do something. Chandrika goes. Rajiv’s mother is about to do her tilak. Neeti stops her and says you all are accepting me due to Pari and that’s why I want my friend Pari to get my grah pravesh done. She says I will always be indebted to you, for accepting me.

She says I will enter the house only when Pari does my grah pravesh and asks them to call Pari. Rajiv’s sister thinks it will be fun when pari does her friend’s grah pravesh. Pari cries and thinks she has no rights on this room. She packs her bag and looks at Rajiv and her pic. She recalls his lies and says it was all lie.

She thinks Rajiv and my relation are like tears which get shattered. She thinks what to do with this trophy as Rajiv and Neeti are best couple. Rajiv’s mother comes there and says my new bahu is asking you to get her grah pravesh done. Pari thinks how to welcome my sautan? Rajiv’s mother says she don’t want any abshagun to happen, and asks her to wash her face and come, to do her grahpravesh.

Monty brings dhol guy and dances. Tai ji scolds Monty and asks why did he call Dhol guy? Neeti asks why she is angry? Rajiv says Tai ji is such. His mother says this is Punjabi family’s house. Pari comes there. Rajiv’s mother asks her to do her grah pravesh. Tai ji says you are great to welcome your sautan and handover your husband to her. Rajiv’s mother asks her to come. Pari does Neeti and Rajeev’s aarti.

Rajeev’s mother asks Neeti to kick the kalash and walk inside. Neeti kicks the kalash and smiles. Rajeev holds Neeti’s hand and steps inside. Pari’s dupatta get stuck with Neeti’s dupatta and she gets pulled inside, and keeps her feet in alta and gets inside. Neeti and Rajeev look at Pari. They all look at the grah pravesh’s foot impressions. Rajeev’s mother tells that what did she do?

Tai ji tells that it is good shagun and tells that Pari is her daughter. Neeti praises Pari for making place in everyone’s heart. Pari goes. Neeti says Pari might be missing Rajeev. Rajeev says we shall focus on our grah pravesh. Tai scolds Monty and says nobody will be bad if he forgets Pari’s favors and asks him to return the dhol guys. Monty sends them.

Rajeev’s mother asks Neeti to sit and says she will go and make arrangements of other rituals. Tai ji goes to her and says this is not needed as Rajiv didn’t take our permission. Pari asks Tai ji to do the rituals with Neeti. Taji thinks she will not celebrate Neeti’s return. Some guests are called.

Rajeev asks Neeti, how is the family and him. Neeti says everyone is good. She sees Pari and asks her to say what happened? Pari says why? Neeti asks if Rajeev’s affair is found. Pari asks her to complete the rituals. Neeti prays that Rajeev realizes his mistake and loves her like her Sanju loves her.


Parineetii 6th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajeev’s mother asks them to do ring ceremony ritual. Pari falls and gets the ring in her hand. Later Neeti finds the trophy and asks about it.

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Telecast Date:5th October 2022
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