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Parineetii 3rd May 2022 Rajeev and Parineet arrive at the mall to buy the ring. Pari looks at him lovingly while Rajeev thinks of a way to get to Neeti and do his engagement without any trouble. He tells Pari to shop fast.

Neeti is waiting for Sanju and says he has changed, he is coming.

Rajeev and Pari enter the mall, he thinks to keep Pari busy in the shopping and leave from there. He asks the shopkeeper to show her the dresses for a party, Pari smiles at him. Rajeev’s watch gets stuck in Pari’s dupatta, he untangles it and her bangles break, he says sorry. Pari says it’s okay and goes to check out the dresses. Rajeev calls Neeti. She says when are you coming? I am still waiting for you.

We haven’t even decorated for the engagement, come here fast. Rajeev says I am coming and ends the call. Neeti’s friend tells her to not be angry, you have to compromise sometimes, don’t scold him this much. Neeti calls him and says I am sorry for scolding you. Rajeev says it’s okay, I am coming there. He ends the call and sees Pari standing behind him.

Vicky arrives at Neeti’s engagement party. Neeti asks where is Pari and Rajeev. Vicky says Rajeev had to go for his friend’s engagement so Pari has gone with him. Neeti asks how am I looking? Vicky says you are very pretty inside and out. Neeti says don’t lie. Vicky says I still remember us playing as children. I have always admired you and wanted to tell you that I love you. Neeti is stunned to hear that.

Pari shows a dress to Rajeev and how is it? Rajeev says you can find another dress. I am waiting here. He gives her more dresses and asks her to try. He says I have some work so I will come back in a bit, he leaves.

Neeti asks Vicky if he loves her? Vicky says yes, I liked you but I couldn’t confess before. I am happy for you, congrats on your engagement. I just wanted to be here and meet Sanju. I shouldn’t have come here. He leaves from there. Neeti sadly sees him leaving and recalls her moments with him. Vicky wipes his tears and starts leaving. Rajeev arrives there but Vicky doesn’t see his face and leaves.

Rajeev comes to Neeti and says I am sorry, I got late. Neeti says I am coming in a bit. She comes out of the venue to see Vicky crying. She says don’t go Vicky. He wipes his tears and says do you know what was my most important day?

When you came to me and said that you wanted to run away. Neeti says you should have told me before, I would have married you but I love Sanju a lot. I will make you meet him. Vicky says I can’t do that. Neeti says I want you to meet him and see that I have chosen a good guy for myself. Vicky nods so she takes him inside.

Pari looks around in the shop and says where is Rajeev? She says he must have gone for some work. She tries to leave the shop in the new dress but the manager stops her and says were you trying to steal from the shop? Pari says it’s not like that.

I am looking for my husband. The manager says then pay for the dress and then you can leave. Pari says I don’t have money right now. The manager says I knew you were trying to steal, we won’t let you leave now.

Rajeev comes to the priest and says just start the engagement fast. The priest says you have to calmly do it for a good life. Rajeev says you are right. The priest says I will do the engagement on the right time, if you can’t wait then I will leave. Rajeev says no no. You can take as much as time you want.

Pari cries and tells the manager to listen to her. The manager says we will call the police now. A shopkeeper says she came with her husband, she is not lying. The manager says don’t get fooled, she must have been stealing. The shopkeeper says we should allow her to call her husband. The manager says fine but we won’t let her leave, I have called the police. Pari feels humiliated.

Neeti brings Vicky to her engagement party and shows her and Rajeev’s photo to him. She says I am getting engaged to him. Vicky says this guy?


Parineetii 4th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pari calls Vicky and tells him Rajeev left her.Rajeev goes down on his knee to put a ring in Neeti’s finger. Vicky walks in.

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Telecast Date:3rd May 2022
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