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Parineetii 30th August 2022 The doctors are treating Neeti, Rajeev is waiting outside the OT. The doctor comes out and says she is not responding to the treatment, if our senior doctor doesn’t reach here then we have no hope. He is on the way but he is stuck in the traffic.

Pari is praying in the mandir and asks Mata Rani to save her sister, she says we are not sautans too. I would be happy when Neeti wakes up but I will lose my husband, he would be shared then. I don’t know how Neeti will react. She pleads with her to save Neeti, she says my Neeti is strong so just bless her, she didn’t do anything wrong so don’t punish her.

She says I will keep praying in the mandir till she becomes fine, she might be my Sautan now but she didn’t do anything wrong, I would do anything for Neeti and can give my life for her. Pari hears Rajeev’s friends going to him, she hears his friends saying that Sanju loves Neeti a lot.

Pari thinks Neeti doesn’t know how Rajeev cheated us both, he pretended to love me and lied to Neeti. She tells Mata Rani that I will keep standing here till Neeti becomes fine.

Rajeev is crying outside the OT and says I can’t lose Neeti, why is God doing all this with her? If anything happens to Neeti then I will kill myself.

Chandrika is stealthily entering the house when Simi catches her, she asks where were you and now you are coming back like a thief? Chandrika says I don’t need to answer you. Parminder comes there so Simi says you should at least inform her where you went. Parminder asks where did you go? Simi says I will tell you.

She shows the bail papers. Parminder says you got Pari free? she did a mistake but you did a bigger mistake. Chandrika thinks I have to tell the truth to them now. Chandrika says Pari is in the hospital, her friend got into an accident so she is there with her. Parminder says she did a mistake so she will be punished.

Rajeev’s friends come to meet him. He hugs him and says I can’t live without Neeti. His friend says she will be fine, she is strong.

The doctors are trying to treat Neeti but she is losing her heartbeat. The doctors are waiting for the senior to come and says she doesn’t have hope to live now. Pari is praying in the mandir for Neeti. The doctors are trying to save Neeti in the OT but she dies. The doctor comes out of the OT and tells Rajeev that she is sorry, she couldn’t save Neeti. Rajeev is shocked and falls down.

The senior doctor arrives there but gets to know that she died. Pari is still in the mandir and praying for Neeti. Suddenly Neeti gets her heartbeat back and screams for Pari. Pari hears that and runs to the OT. The doctors see Neeti coming back to life and say this is a miracle. Rajeev is sitting in a corner and says how could she leave me?

Pari comes there and hears that. Rajeev says I will die without Neeti. Pari thinks why are they crying like that? Rajeev says I want to leave the world with Neeti. The doctor comes there and says you are so lucky, your wife has started responding to the treatment, someone’s prayers saved her.

Pari hides and hears that. Rajeev is surprised and says my Neeti? The doctor says we have started the treatment but she has got a new life because of someone’s prayers. She leaves from there. Rajeev is elated and says whoever prayed for my Neeti should always be happy. Pari hears all that and is hurt.

The doctors come out and says we did her operation, she will be fine soon. You have to take care of her and don’t give her stress at all. Rajeev says I won’t tell her anything. The doctor says you came here late but her friend Pari brought her here just in time and saved her life. Rajeev is shocked.

The nurses are taking Neeti from there. Rajeev holds her hand and cries. Pari hides and sees all that. Rajeev says I love you Neeti. Pari smiles and thinks Neeti is so strong, God thank you for saving her life. Rajeev kisses Neeti’s forehead and says don’t ever leave me. Pari is hurt seeing that.


Parineetii 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pari is running away from the hospital and says my Rajeev is Neeti’s Sanju, he might have married me but he has loved Neeti only. Rajeev tells his friends that Neeti would be excited to meet me when she wakes up. Neeti wakes up and asks about Pari only. The doctor says she was here till your surgery but I don’t know where she went. Rajeev comes back home so Pari asks why did he get late? Rajeev says I had a dinner with my boss. Pari asks if his boss never invites his wife? Rajeev looks on.

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Telecast Date:30th August 2022
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