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Parineetii 25th October 2022 The taxi drivers drag Pari out. He says we have a surprise for you. They blindfold her. Pari says please save me, Baba Ji. Pari says where are they taking me? The driver says I will have to let you go.

Neeti says to Monty what were you saying? She laughs. She says you both are so shocked like you were talking about some extramarital affaair? Neeti says what was it? Monty says we were talking about regular things. Neeti says go sleep now. It’s late. She holds Sanju’s hand. He takes his hand back. Neeti says you were supposed to hold my hand. She leaves in anger. Rajiv says I need to focus on Neeti and forget Pari.

Scene 2
The drivers bring Pari to the red light area. There are dancers in the house and men around them. Pari is shocked. Pari says where have you brought me? She is scared.

Rajiv kisses Neeti and says good night. Neeti says you have changed a lot. You don’t care for me. Rajiv says do you want anything? He says this night suit is irritating me. He says you’re mad at me. Neeti says you don’t even know how to take care of your pregnant wife. He says this is my first time too. Neeti looks into the closet. She finds a bracelet there. Pari says this is Pari’s. What is it doing here? He says the maid must have kept it. She must be confused. She had somethings, I asked the maid to keep things here.

The drivers sell Pari. Pari says I wanna go home, please. A woman drags Pari to a room. There are many girls there. Pari is scared. They say she will be sold for good. They say to have water. Pari is scared. A girl says would you take tea? It helps you stay up all night. We were all brought here like you. See that girl, she loved a guy. She ran away with him and he sold her here. This is your life now. Pari cries. The drivers show Pari’s photo to the rich man.

Scene 3
Tai Ji cries. Tao Ji asks her to sleep. She says Rajiv ha ruined Pari’s life. How can we sleep in peace? What if this comes back to our Simi? He says I know your pain but pari will start her new life. Rajiv would never keep her happy. Pami says Neeti has trapped Rajiv. She knows about Pari I am sure. She did this for money.

Harman and Gurpreet are worried for Pari. Harman says to call Pami and asks her what happened. Why did she leave the house? They didn’t even tell us once that our daughter was leaving the house.

The rich man comes in to look at Pari. He walks around her. He says wear this and get ready. Pari says let me go from here or my mom will call the police.. He says we know how to clip wings. Police knows us and we know them. Don’t scare us of them. Don’t try to act smart with me. He leaves. They laugh. Pari says what do I do now.


Parineetii 26th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajeev says to Taiji, I always loved Neeti and she is pregnant with my child, how can I take her rights away from her? Taiji says to him how could you do that to Pari then? Pari calls Neeti and says she is problem and if she doesn’t come to save her, it will be her last day.

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Telecast Date:25th October 2022
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