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Parineetii 24th October 2022 Pari jumps out of the taxi. She gets injured. The driver says no one can save you here. Pari throws a stone at his head and runs. Pari runs in the streets. The driver chases her. Pari sees the other taxi driver and says please save me. A man is after me. He holds her and calls his friend. They tie her hands. They throw Pari in the car.

Scene 2
Rajiv says Neeti’s accident changed everything. Pari found out the truth and everyone is against me now. what did Pari get by such a drama? She insulted me in front of everyone. Rajiv sees his conscience and says wow. You cheated on Pari and Neeti. You ruined Pari’s life and now blaming her? What option did you leave her with?

Her husband told her he loves her best friend and married her. She has the right to live her life. It’s all your fault. Neeti is pregnant, you can’t ruin her life either. Rajiv says I am trying to fix everything but no one is happy. I feel bad for Pari. I don’t care. His conscience says what if you have feelings for pari now?

Monty comes there and says what are you doing here? Rajiv says don’t talk to me. I feel very bad. Pari left at such a late time. I am worried. There is no solution. Everything is against me. Monty says mummy ji is angry but she loves you the most. Start going back to the office. You will stop thinking about all this. Rajvi says you’re right.

Scene 3
The driver says you are my dream. You have made me go crazy. I can’t wait to spend the night with you. He sits with her and says don’t be scared of me. I will love you a lot. You will also love me back. You will cook food for me. She screams for help. The driver gets a call from their boss. He asks the other driver to come out. He says I sent her picture to the boss. He will give us 4 lacs. He says we will sell her. We will get a lot of money.

Neeti sees Sanju isn’t there. She goes out. Neeti sees Shalu’s missed call. She says should I call Pari or let her enjoy with Rajiv? I hope he hasn’t made her sad today. If he wants to be with someone else, let Pari be free. Why does she love him when he’s cheating on her? We girls are like that. We forgive our husbands but Rajiv is doing a sin. I would kill Sanju if he did that. But my husband is so good, I am so lucky. She goes out.

Rajiv says this guilt isn’t letting him live even if Neeti is here. I keep thinking and worrying about Pari. I feel empty without her. I was forced to marry her. She kept waiting for me. She kept forgiving my mistakes. This guilt isn’t letting me live. She has no shortcomings. I can’t hate her for anything. She sacrificed everything. Pari only gave this home happiness. She always gives. She sacrifices.

Scene 4
The drivers sit back in the taxi. They tie Pari’s hand. The driver says she’s very expensive, make sure she’s intact. Pari screams for help. Monty says to Rajiv why are you attracted to Pari? What if you’re in love with both Pari and Neeti?

Gurpreet is worried for Pari. She says my heart is sinking. She left the house so late. SOmething must have happened. Why does God always test my Pari? Harman says please take medicine. Gurpreet says I am so worried for my daughter. Harman says I am sure she’s fine. Mandeep says this Pari keeps creating problems for my husband and son. She must have annoyed Rajiv too. She’s a curse. I hope she doesn’t come here.

Monty says you love Neeti, she’s here. Why do you feel empty then? You might be in love with both of them. Your love in Neeti is conventional but with Pari it’s based on her good nature. Rajiv says what are you saying? Neeti says exactly, what rubbish is this?

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