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Parineetii 24th June 2022 The goons look for Rajiv. He says we’ve to find the girl or the guy. They come to the room and kidnap a girl. The girl faints. They think it’s Neeti. The driver says we’ve to take her from here.

They wrap her on a carpet and leave. Rajiv is in mandap. The driver looks at him and says he will have to come there and then I will tell him who I am. Pandit ji calls the bride. Rajiv thinks about marrying Pari.

Gurpreet says Neeti isn’t in her room. Sukhwinder says where is she? Neeti says I was fixing my mascara. Sukhwinder says act mature today at least. It’s your wedding. She sits in the mandap. Neeti and Rajiv start the ritual. Rajiv recalls doing the same with Pari. Neeti says thank you Sanju for wearing sehra.

I would have to veil otherwise. It’s so hot. He says it gave me more relief. She says what do you mean? Pandit ji asks them not to talk. Neeti asks where is Pari, mummy? I can’t marry without her. Rajiv is shocked. Gurpreet says she will be here, you focus on your rituals. Rajiv wonders how does Neeti know Pari? Neeti says no let’s wait for her.

Pari scolds the chefs and says the wedding has started. The guests are here. Get the food ready. The driver looks at her and says I will take you to someday. Pari stops them and says what’s this carpet? Did I ask you to place it in the room? What’s on this carpet? Answer me. They stop.

The driver is about to take out his knife. The driver says Neeti ma’am asked us to take it out. Pari says I will ask Neeti. Why do they look suspicious? Vicky looks for Pari. Gurpreet says to Neeti please continue the rituals. She says nowhere is pari? I can’t marry without her. Neeti stands up and says where is Pari?

Rajiv says Neeti please sit down. She says no I can’t marry without her. Gurpreet says this is a bad omen. You don’t get up from mandap. Neeti says I want Pari. Where is she?> She looks around for Pari. Sukhwinder asks her to calm down. Pari runs downstairs. Neeti says I feel very weird. Pari.. Pari..

Pari comes and says Neeti I am here. Rajiv is shocked. Neeti hugs Pari. Pari says are you okay? Neeti says you weren’t here. I was stressed. Sukhwinder says she got up from the mandap. It’s such a bad omen. Pari says this is so wrong Neeti. Say sorry now. Neeti says sorry Sanju and everyone. Pari says she’s a kid.

She doesn’t know the culture. That’s why she kept me as a culture consultant. Sorry. Rajiv is shocked. Rajiv says this was the job Pari was talking about? Pari brings Neeti to the mandap. She says sorry Sanju I had to look after a few things. Don’t worry now I will get your wedding done as per rituals. She gives Neeti’s hand in his hand. The wedding starts.

Scene 2
The drivers see the girl in their tempo. They say it’s not Neeti. It’s someone else. They’re shocked.
The wedding continues. Pandit Ji asks Rajiv and Neeti to stand for garland. Neeti makes Rajiv wear garland. Rajiv recalls everything. Pari says come on Sanju. Rajiv’s hands shake. Everyone sprinkles flowers on the.

Pari says make her wear it Sanju. Sanju makes Neeti wear the garland. Neeti hugs Pari. They’re very happy. Rajiv recalls everything with Pari. He is in tears. He recalls marrying Pari at the pooja.

She recalls when pari saved his life. Neeti asks is everything okay Sanju? Rajiv gets up and says I can’t do this wedding. Neeti is shocked. She says please don’t joke at this time. Everyone is shocked. He says this in’t a joke.

He’s leaving. Sukhwinder stops Sanju and says don’t do this, please. Everyone is here. Don’t leave my daughter in mandap. Her life would be ruined. She loves you a lot. I beg you. Sanju says I also beg you. I can’t do this wedding. He takes off his sehra and turns back.

Pari and the entire family are shocked. Rajiv says I can’t marry her. I am sorry I can’t do this. Sukhwinder says please don’t do this. Everything will be over? Harman says Rajiv? What are you doing here in the groom’s clothes? Pari is confused. She says Neeti I am sorry I don’t know what is Rajiv doing here in the groom’s clothes? Sorry.

Pari comes down. She says what are you doing here as a groom in this sherwani? Where is Sanju? What’s happening here? Neeti also comes down. Neeti says what’s happening here? Vicky says how dare you to sit in the mandap?

Harman says where is Sanju? Answer me. Neeti says he’s Sanju. Everyone is shocked. Pari says he’s my Rajiv. How can he be Sanju? What’s happening? Rajiv sits at her feet and says I am both Rajiv and Sanju. Everyone is shocked. Pari steps back. Rajiv says this is true that I am already married to Pari. But I love Neeti.

I love her since the first day I saw her. While doing all this I didn’t realize I was doing such a big mistake? He says Pari I only married you to save you from Rakesh and save your dad’s respect. Then I met Neeti at the airport.

My colleague was there with a placard Sanju? I loved her so much that I didn’t tell her I am Rajiv. Everyone is shocked. He says Pari forgive me. I have let you down every day. I am sorry but I only married you to get my freedom. My mom promised me that I can shift to Chandigarh if I marry you. I met Neeti here. Neeti is in shock and tears.

Pari says you weren’t happy with our marriage? what is he saying, mummy? He says when I left you after pagpheray I decided I will never see you again. I love Neeti. Please forgive me. He says Neeti please forgive me.

Neeti says I can’t accept a disgusting man like you. Cheater. I am disgusted by you. He says I am so sorry. I love you a lot. I have made a huge sin I know. I am disgusted and suffocated by myself. He looks at Pari and says I know there’s no forgiveness for what I have done. Please forgive me. You fought everyone in the village who spoke ill of me. I know you will think I am a disgusting person.

It was all my fault. I don’t wanna do more mistakes. He says Neeti I know I don’t deserve you but I wanna fix my mistakes. Please forgive me. Neeti slaps him. She says how dare you. You liar, I saw so many dreams of our wedding. Sukhwinder faints. Gurpreet holds her. Neeti runs to her. She says, mummy.. Someone call an ambulance. She screams. Everyone cries. Rajiv says mummy Ji. Vicky shoves him and says stay away.

Rajiv looks around. He was imagining it. The wedding is going on. Neeti asks what happened? He says I just need water. Neeti asks Pari to get water. The drivers come back. He says kidnap them. I won’t leave them today. They say let’s throw water from the ceiling. Pari gives water to Sanju. He’s in tears.

Rajiv says what am I doing. I am doing such a sin. Someone throws sand from the ceiling. Everyone is shocked. The drivers say it’s raining. There’s a storm. Move from here please. Gurpreet picks Neeti up and says Pari take her to the room to clean her clothes. Rajiv goes to his room. The goons go after him. Gurpreet cleans the mandap. Sukhwinder says why are you doing this? She says it’s my daughter’s wedding.

I can. Panditji says this was an omen. Bring a coconut leaf and place it here. Sukhwinder places it outside. She gives the leaf to Pari and says give it to Sanju. The goons come after Rajiv and say we will take you with us. They faint Rajiv. Pari is coming there. She comes in. The goons hide. Rajiv is fainted.


Parineetii 25th June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :The goons tell Neeti they’ve kidnapped Sanju and he’s at their shed. They kidnap Sanju. Pari says what are you doing. I will call police. They take out knife. Neeti hits the goon. Sanju also tries to run. The goon hits him with a vase.

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