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Parineetii 20th October 2022 Rajiv says what must Neeti be thinking about me? I should stop thinking about Pari. She is my past. I’ve nothing to do with her. I was going away from Neeti. I should stop worrying about Pari.

Pami says are you not celebrating? Congratulations. Pari left the house, stay with your Neeti now. Now you’re doing this drama? Rajiv says I feel so bad for her. Where would she go at this house?

Pami says go to your other woman. Rajiv says she’s my wife. Pami says Pari was your wife, you married her in front of everyone. You’re Gurindder’s son, after all, you see your benefit in everything. You will know the difference between Pari and Neeti soon. You will see if she lets you do anything. Pari and Neeti are very different. Neeti comes there. She hears it. Rajiv sees her. He says Neeti you here? Neeti leaves in anger.

Pari sits in rain. Her mom calls. Gurpreet asks how was your first karva Chauth? Did you get the shagun? I am sure Rajiv must be very happy. Gurinder says are you okay? You sound sad. Pari cries and says everything is over mummy Ji.

She asks what happened. Did you make a mistake in the past? Pari says no, Rajiv has lied to all of us. He fooled us. Gurinder asks what happened. Pari says you all thought there can never be a better husband than Rajiv. I have no value in his life. He gave my place to someone else.

Rajiv says Neeti please listen. Neeti asks since when is all this going on? Rajiv says I wanted to tell you.. She says why does your Tai Ji hate me? She hasn’t accepted me. I heard she was comparing me with Pari and saying I can’t be like her. I know I am different but I try. At least I should know the problem only then I can do something. He says she will come to love you. She takes time. Neeti says I want everyone to accept my child. Rajiv hugs her.

Scene 2
Gurpreet says how can this happen? We are coming there. I will bring Harman, we will talk to Rajiv. He will understand. We can’t let this happen. Pari says I am coming there. Gurpreet said we will talk to him. He has lost his way. Pari says he did all this in his senses. Gurpreet says stay there, we are coming.

Pari says I’ve left the house. She says how could he do this? Gurpreet cries and says where are you at this hour? No one stopped you? Pari says they did. But there was no point. My relationship with Rajiv is over.

Gurpreet says we are here for you. We will talk to Rajiv. Go home, please. Pari says I am coming to Barnala. My relationship with that house is over. Gurpreet cries and says please come here then. We are worried for you. Pari says don’t call Rajiv’s home. I will come, don’t worry. Gurpreet cries and sobs.

Harman asks Gurpreet what happened. She says everything is over. Pari’s marriage is over. Harman says what are you saying? Tell me what happened. Was there a fight? Let me call Rajiv. Gurpreet says don’t call that disgusting man. Harman says what has he done? Gurpreet says he married another girl. She cries. Harman says our Pari’s life is ruined.

Scene 3
Pari is on her way. She comes to the bus stand. Pari takes a ticket for Barnala. The counter doesn’t have change. Pari asks for change, but no one has it. The taxi driver sees Pari. He says my prey is here herself? Pari gives the change to the counter. He says the bus will be here in an hour. Pari sits on a bench and waits. Pari says when I came here I had so many dreams. I felt so lucky. I will never come back here.

At least Neeti found her love. Pari’s friend comes there. Pari hugs her. She says is everything okay? Why are you here at this hour? Tell me what happened? Pari cries and hugs her. Shalu asks Pari what happened. Why are you going at this hour? She says I didn’t like this city. Shalu says don’t you consider me your friend? Let me call Neeti. Pari says no don’t trouble her. She’s pregnant. Shalu hugs her. She says I am so happy.

Scene 4
Rajiv gives flowers to Neeti. He says I am sorry. Neeti says you always say I am not romantic and then you left me. He comes close to her. Neeti says you lost your change.

Shalu says you didn’t even tell me? I will speak to Neeti later. You tell me what’s wrong? Pari says I am leaving this city and that house forever. Shalu asks what happened. Pari says Rajiv has married another girl.


Parineetii 21st October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shalu asks Pari do you know who that other girl is? Rajiv makes me love with flowers. Pari sits in taxi of the driver. He laughs. Pari says you.. He says yes now I will take you where I want. Pari jumps out of the taxi.

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