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Parineetii 1st November 2022 Pari says I thought I would leave forever. When I see your face it hurts me. Rajiv says it hurts me too. I didn’t plan it. She says you walked with me for two steps and left me. You did the same to my life. Rajiv leaves. Pari cries. Neeti comes to Pami and says Pari needs our support. Pami says she’s a very nice girl. Neeti says there is a problem between her and her husband.

Can Pari stay here? Pami says I don’t mind. Neeti says thank you. Pami is happy that Pari is back home. She says I hope Pari gets all the happiness. Rajiv says to Monty I’ve hurt Pari so much. How can I reduce her pain? I have ruined her life. Give me a solution. He says my fate did all this. What was Pari’s fault? Rajiv says I got everything. I got my Neeti but I lost Pari. She is such a good human. It’s all love’s mistakes. My love was Neeti only. He hugs Monty and says please save me.

Paari says this house keeps coming back into my life. Why do I still feel for Rajiv? He’s only Neeti’s Sanju for me. Neeti comes to Pari and says I am with you. Don’t cry for Rajiv. He doesn’t care about you. Forget him. He doesn’t deserve you. But I know you love him. I will get you your love back. You gave me my family.

Tai Ji really likes you. Let’s go for dinner. Neeti says I will give her love back to her. Rajiv gets a call from his boss. Neeti asks what happened. He says my boss was mad. Rajiv says how is Pari? Neeti says she’s very upset because of Rajiv. Neeti hugs Rajiv. Pari comes out and looks at them. Neeti goes out.

Scene 2
Mandeep asks Gurpreet to eat. She says Harman has gone to look for her. Gurpreet says I can’t eat with Pari and Harman. They’re not back. Harman comes back. He says Pari never came here. Gurpreet is worried for her. She says her phone is off.

Pari says what do you want Rajiv? Rajiv says everyone is waiting for dinner. Are you okay? Pari says it’s none of your business. We have no relationship of care. The only relationship between us is Neeti. I don’t want her life ruined like mine. She leaves. Gurpreet says what if Pari harmed herself? Gurpreet says Pami has to answer for what Rajiv has done. They have ruined Pari’s life. They all have to answer. Where is Pari? She cries. Harman says you should talk to Neeti. Mandeep says yes she might know something. Call her. Gurpreet says okay.

Scene 3
Everyone sits for dinner. Chandrika brings food. Neeti says I made jalebi. Simi says I would love them. She gives it to Tai Ji and Tao Ji. Pari comes with Rajiv. Pami says, Pari. Neeti asks Pari to sit with Rajiv. Pari says I will serve. Gurinder says you’re a guest, sit and eat only. Pami says yes you’re a guest sit there with Sanju. Neeti serves them food. Pari says thank you for letting me stay here.

Pami says this is your house. You are like our daughter. I really like it when you’re happy. Neeti says I hope Tai Ji says the same about me some day. She says Tai Ji I was thinking to make rangoli. Pari’s rangolis used to get published in newspapers. Pami says Pari will make our rangoli. Pari says how can I? Neeti says please. Neeti hugs her.

Neeti says I have to win hearts this Diwali. Pari will tell me what to do on Diwali. She is away from her family. I will make her life happy. Gurpreet calls Neeti. She asks is Pari okay? Neeti says she’s going to sleep. Gurpreet says is she okay? Neeti says yes I spoke to her on call. Gurpreet says are you all hiding something from me? Need says everything is fine here. don’t worry. Gurpreet says why was she coming here then? Neeti says she’s here. Neeti wonders why was Pari going to Barnala. Gurpreet tells Harman. He says we have to go there and check.

Pami says to Rajiv don’t hurt Pari’s feelings. Don’t burn her wounds again. Don’t show her your fake care. Stay away from her and elt her move on. Rajiv says I am not selfish. I feel bad for Pari. I gave her those tears. Rajiv prays for Pari and says I hope I stay with Neeti and my child.

Scene 4
Pari starts the day with pooja. Neeti wakes up. She rushes out. Pami and Tao Ji join Pari. Everyone comes and does arti with her. Simi and Monty are doing yoga. Chandrika says pooja has started. Simi says I don’t wanna go. Let me do my yoga. Monty says mummy will kill us. Pari says happy Diwali to everyone. Monty and Simi come. Neeti and Rajiv come. Rajiv says happy Diwali.

Neeti says why do you both have such weird chemistry. Neeti touches everyone’s feet. Chandrika says let’s do breakfast. Pari says I will make rangoli. Pami says we get the house cleaned every time. This time I forgot because of Neeti. Monty says I will call the cleaner, they will do it. Neeti brings a broom and says it’s our home, we will clean it. She says Tai Ji sorry. Pami says I am sorry.

I shouldn’t have said it. Neeti says you’re my elder. Simi says I won’t clean. Pari says let’s go clean the house. Gurinder comes. Gurinder says I am allergic to dust. Pari says it’s okay. We will do it. Gurinder says we have our DILs and daughters and sons who will do it. You are a guest. Pami says we will all clean it together.

Neeti starts cleaning. Pari ignores Rajiv. Pari gets on the ladder. She falls Rajiv holds her. Paari says leave me. He leaves her. She falls. Neeti says what did you do Rajiv. Rajiv says she asked me to leave her.

Pami comes and slips. Everyone picks her. She says who kept this water here? Rajiv says to Neeti what will happen now. Neeti says I left it. Pami says if you can’t do this why did you try? Rajiv says she learned everything in training. Gurinder comes and laughs. Everyone laughs. Pami says have some shame you all. Pami also laughs. Pami is happy that at least Pari is laughing. They all pick her. Gurinder says I am going to market. Pami throws water on her and says clean first.

Gurpreet and Harman are on their way. Gurpreet says my daughter’s life is ruined on Diwali. She always thought about others. I will ask them to bring Rajiv on the right path. Harman says why would he be with another woman if he cared for Pari. Gurpreet says I will stand with Pari. Harman says we are both her support. Gurpreet prays that she gets Pari her right.


Parineetii 2nd November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajiv touches Gurpreet’s feet.She says you have lost all the right to my blessings after what you did to my daughter. Neeti comes there. Gurpreet says I only curse you. Neeti says this is Sanju.. my husband. Gurpreet says this is Rajiv. Pari’s husband. She shows her the photo. Neeti is shocked. She says you ruined Pari’s life to marry me? Rajiv says I never loved Pari. Gurpreet slaps him.

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