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Parineetii 1st August 2022 Natasha’s dad says nothing is more important than love in your life. I fight with her but I can’t live without her. Kids these days don’t know what real love is. Understand each other and support each other.

Naman and Natasha will make the best couple. Wish you all the best. Be the best couple like me and Seema. He says Naman’s friend Sanju is with us as well. Pari says in heart Neeti said she’s going to Sanju’s friend’s sangeet.

The man says Sanju will tell us about love today. Neeti says to go up please and say something. Sanju comes on the stage. Pari is about to see his face. Neeti collides with Seema. She introduces her to her husband.

She tells him how Pari saved Natasha. Pari doesn’t see Sanju. The man thanks her and hugs her. She starts missing her dad. She says my dad used to hug me the same way. He says you’re like my Natasha to me. You can call me when you need anything. Natasha comes too.

Neeti calls Pari. Pari goes out. Rajiv says I never wanted to get married. I always used to see my married friends with their wives questioning and fighting all the time. Then I met a girl who was very pretty and very ambitious.

she is very hardworking not like other girls. I love everything about her. When she came into my life I realized she was made for me. We are made for each other. I love you Neeti. Everyone claps. Neeti says I love you too. She says thank you for saying all that. He says it’s all true. Neeti hugs him. Naman says did you forget about Roshni Chandni? Neeti says he’s mine only. Neeti says let me call back Pari.

Neeti calls Pari. Pari says why are you silent? Neeti says Sanju appreciated me so much about me today. Pari says the sangeet I came to they also called a Sanju on stage. I thought it was the same Sanju as you. Natasha comes to Pari. Natasha introduces him to Pari. She says Pari saved my life. Naman says thank you. Natasha says I am sure her husband also loves her a lot. She says you must be missing him too right? Call him.

Scene 2
Sanju and Naman get the drinks together. They recall their college and the girls there. He says we all got lucky. Naman says Natasha completed my life. Sanju says yes Neeti completed my life too. She’s so good. Pari calls Rajiv. Naman says did the older ones called? He says shut up. Pari asks how is your friend?

He says he’s not well. Pari hears people laughing. He says we came to the pub so my friend feels better. Pari says come to the sangeet if you get free. He says are you crazy? My friend is so unwell and I willcome? She hears glass breaking on both phone and behind her. Pari says what is happening today.

Natasha’s dad comes on the stage again. He says we will all play a game now. It’s recognize who. You have to wear a mask and find your partner. It’s risky too. You might go to the wrong person and get beaten up from your partner. Seema says what is he doing. Natasha says it would be fun. He says let’s start the game.

Pari takes the mask and says I have no partner here. I should say bye to Natasha and leave. Pari looks around for Natasha. She sees Neeti. Pari is shcoked. Rajiv’s back is towards her. Pari says that means it was the same Sanju. She goes towards Neeti.

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