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Parineetii 19th October 2022 Pami says my prayers are always with you but I am so scared for you. Neeti is worried for Pari. Sanju says why are you worried? She says how did Rajiv call right away? Sanju says he might be free from work early. Neeti says these cheater men are very clever. You’re very innocent. You don’t know about such men.

He is a cheater, you can’t even think of stuff he has done. If he tortures my Pari I will kill him. Sanju says don’t worry I will get her dropped off by the driver. Neeti says thank you. You’re an amazing husband and then there is Rajiv. He says yes you relax, please.

Pari is leaving. Rajiv says give me luggage, I can drop you home. She says I am leaving you. I know how to handle myself. Our paths are different. He says I wish you could understand me. She says your image can never be fixed. You can never be mine and I can’t take my friend’s happiness. You can’t fix this. Lies break a relationship. I am leaving my Neeti with you and will hope you will keep her happy.

You are lucky your love is with you. Never cheat on her. You can’t tolerate the pain you gave me. Rajiv says do you still love me? Pari cries. Pari hugs Rajiv and cries. Pari says yes, I love you still. I will always love you. It starts raining. Rajiv cries and says don’t leave me. Please stay with me. Pari nods. Rajiv caresses her face. Rajiv hugs Pari and dances with her. She smiles.

Pari was imagining it. She takes off her mangalsutra and gives it to Rajiv. Pari says this I my answer. Your lies don’t hurt me. Or make me cry. There’s no hope. I pray that you keep Neeti happy. Rajiv says I will. At least let me say sorry. I shouldn’t have done this. If you give me this mangalsutra, the guilt will kill me.

Pari says love is based on trust. I came here as your bride and now I am giving you a bride. Keep Neeti very happy and take care of her child. Rajiv says take care of yourself. Pari nods. Pari walks away. Rajiv looks at the mangalsutra and cries. He goes back in. Rajiv recalls promising Pari’s dad. Pari recalls her wedding with Rajiv.

Scene 2
Rajiv comes home. Neeti asks did Pari leave? He says yes. Neeti says why are you drenched in rain? Neeti hugs him. She says change your shirt. He says I will do it myself. I will catch a cold. Neeti comes close to him. Neeti says you’re always romantic, why are you running away now when I am romantic.

Neeti hugs him. He says I. Neeti says you always complain I don’t initiate then why are you running now? She lights a candle. Neeti dances with Rajiv. Rajiv tries to go away from her. Neeti comes close to him. Neeti lies in bed with Rajiv. Rajiv is upset. Neeti kisses him. Rajiv thinks about Pari and gets up. He goes out. Neeti wonders what happened to him.

Pari sits at the temple. She recalls her moments with Rajiv. Pari says enough. I can’t hide anymore. I will tell my family the truth too. I should go back to my family. That’s my only family and home. I will start my new life there. I will start a new life there. I will have new hope. I will always pray for Neeti and myself. I will start a new life.

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