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Parineetii 19th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Parineetii 19th August 2022 Pari sees Rakesh. She screams for help. No one opens the door. She says Neeti. Rakesh holds her hand and says we will get married today.

Let’s see what your husband can do. He drags her. Pari says let me go, please.. He takes her to the car. Pari was imagining it. She’s scared. She takes the key out and goes in.

The goons try to fix the car. Shera says to Neeti don’t act smart with us. He asks the goons to keep an eye on her. The goon in the car sleeps.

Neeti pretends like she’s fainted. Neeti tries to release her hands. She hits the goon there with a rod on the head. Neeti runs. Shera comes. They rush into the car to find her. Neeti runs on the roads. Pari says I can’t go home. Rakesh must be there. she wonders if she should call Rakesh.

She calls Neeti. Neeti runs on the roads. Pari asks are you okay? Neeti says I am in trouble. Pari says tell me what happened. Shera comes in his car. They hit Neeti. Pari screams. Neeti falls on the road. Her head bleeds. Neeti faints. Pari keeps calling but no one picks. Pari is worried for Neeti. She prays for Neeti.

People gather around BNeeti. They ask to call the ambulance. Shera goes to check. People say she won’t survive. Shera is scared. He runs. He says to the goons Rakesh will kill us if she dies. They rush back. Pari calls on Neeti’s phone. A man picks up and says she’s met an accident. Pari says where is she?

Tell me, please. Is she okay? He says a car has hit her. She fainted. No one is taking her to the hospital. Her life is in danger. Parii screams. Pari says I will save you. Nothing will happen. She rushes and gets a taxi. No one stops. Pari runs on the roads looking for Neeti. Pari asks people for lift. Pari finds a taxi. Pari tells him the location.

Scene 2
Tai ji asks Chandrika where is Pari? Her phone is off as well. Parminder’s friends leave as well. They say your DIL ruined the function. She didn’t do anything. She’s left for her own things. Chandrika says we can celebrate. The guests leave. Tai ji is angry. Pari comes to Neeti. She screams.


Parineetii 20th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pari is with Neeti in hospital, shouts for help, says she is alive please get doctor fast. Rajiv says why is Neeti not picking call and photoframe breaks and he thinks is this a bad sign. Doctor denies to help Pari, Pari says to doctor, if you don’t help my friend, I will kill myself.

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Telecast Date:19th August 2022
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