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Parineetii 18th July 2022 Pari says don’t you want to tell anything else? Rajiv recalls saying to he married her to get his freedom and save his mom’s name. He said your dad gave you all his land. I only married you for those lands. Rajiv says nothing else. He says I got something for you. He gives her the flowers and says you like this right?

Pari says thank you. He says do you like them? She nods. Monty looks at them confused. He says I will be late tonight, don’t go out looking for me, please. He leaves. Pari says he isn’t the Rajiv who was truthful and who loved me.

Neeti waits for Pari. Pari says I am coming. Pari comes to Neeti’s place. Pari hugs Neeti and cries. Neeti asks what happened? She says sit here and tell me what is it? Is it a big thing? Did anyone say anything? Pari says last night..

Rajiv.. Pari says I feel like Rajiv has an affair going on. He’s cheating on me. Neeti says do you have any proof? Pari says I saw lipstick marks on his shirt. It wasn’t mine. Neeti says let’s go. Call Rajiv’s driver. Pari says where? Neeti says come with me.

Scene 2
Monty plays games. Rajiv is mad at him and says stop him. Monty says why are you mad now? You were flirting with Pari. You’re also married to your dream girl. No one knows. What’s the problem now? You have two wives one will make Indian cuisine for you and one continental. I hope the same happens to me.

Rajiv says shut up. Stop joking. I am very stressed. Monty says you love Neeti and you married her as well but why did you give Pari flowers today? Rajiv says what else should I do? Bring Neeti home and ask Pari to do her greh parvesh? I got married to Pari under whatever conditions.

She’s my wife and I am her husband in front of the family. Now I married her and have to fake all these traditions. I don’t love Pari at all. She’s a typical housewife. Her world starts and ends with me. I managed so far, I don’t know what to do. Monty says a lot of people have extramarital affairs.

Rajiv says there’s a difference between affairs and marriage. He says it’s not easy. Pari and Neeti both are very smart and they are both tied to each other. Monty says what do you mean? Rajiv says they are best friends. Monty says what? Rajiv says I don’t know what to do. Monty says if you have to choose one who would you choose?

Rajiv says of course Neeti. Pari is nice, she does things for me but she can never be that perfect life partner for me. My perfect life partner is only Neeti. I have some sympathy for Pari but I only love Neeti. Monty says how will you handle it now? Rajiv says I don’t know.

Neeti goes downstairs and says I won’t leave that Rajiv today. Pari tries to calm her down. Neeti says he’s cheating on my best friend? He will have to pay for it. Pari asks her to calm down. Pari takes her back upstairs. She says going to react in anger will not do anything. It will only defame us.

Neeti says you care about defamation? What about his affairs? He is cheating on you. How can you think of a person who is cheating on you? He left you at pagpheray and now extramarital affair? Pari gives her water. She says this isn’t the solution. Think once, please. Neeti says these people only need to be taught a lesson.

Pari says we can’t finalize it based on lipstick marks only. We have to find another way to prove it. Neeti says you’re right. I got so angry. I can’t control when it comes to you. Sorry. Pari says I need your help. Please think about what to do.

Scene 3
Simi says I am tired of eating this boring food. Tai ji says eat what’s cooked. Learn to adjust and respect. Pari says this is a compromise, it ruins life. She says shut up and eat. Where is Balwinder? Tai Ji sees his drunk and says Balwinder.. You’re always drunk. What will happen if you don’t drink for one day?

He says I will die without you. She says I will teach you a lesson you will forget about it totally. He leaves. Mishika comes. Tai ji leaves in anger. Amit asks her to eat with them. She asks where is Pari? Amit says she’s gone out to the market. She says I won’t eat without Pari chachi. Simi says are we ghosts? Sit here and eat. She says chachu can you please call Pari chachi? Amit says sure.

Amit calls Rajiv. Rajiv gets happy hearing her voice. She asks chachu where are? I am worried. She says Pari chachi isn’t home. I am alone without her. I don’t like it without her. He says to play with the doll. She says I want to be with Pari chachi. I don’t like it without her. When will you come?

He says I will get late. She says you both don’t give me time. I want you and Pari here together. Rajiv says to Monty that Mishika has gotten so close to Pari. What will happen when Pari and I not together. Monty says don’t say that. Pari saved Mishika. Rajiv says that’s why I feel bad. Pari helped me with everything but I am cheating on her. I don’t know what to do. I can’t leave Neeti. I love her a lot. I can’t forget Pari’s favors too.

Neeti says I can’t believe Rajiv cheated on you. Pari says we aren’t sure. I mean I could be wrong. Neeti says these men are all the same. They always cheat. When does Rajiv leave for office? She says there is no fixed time. He leaves whenever he wants. Neeti says what? You never asked? Pari says how can I ask.

Neeti asks how long is the home? Pari says he’s hardly home. Sometimes not even home till late. Neeti asks has he ever asked what you like to eat? Pari says he doesn’t even know if I’ve eaten or not. Neeti asks does he call from the office? Pari says no he hardly ever calls me. Sometimes he gets home very late too.

Neeti says what happens so late at night? Pari says I don’t know there is no time. He said he has important meetings at any time of the day. The same happened at your wedding. I wanted him to be there but he had to go to an urgent meeting. Neeti says I am sure he’s cheating on you. Pari says how are you sure?

Neeti says my wedding was on Sunday. All offices are closed on Sunday what was open on Sunday? Pari says he will say he had something important. Neeti says yes he can make any story. Like he faked that accident to gain sympathy and no one questions him. Pari says I don’t know who is in his life and why.

Neeti says he will try to bring you down when you expose him. 3 girls in my office had the same issue. They were on flights and their husbands would have affairs but they got caught eventually. Truth comes out.

Rajiv says if I get caught I will be in trouble. Monty says Pari is a cow. It’s not difficult to handle her. Rajiv says I am not worried about her. I will give her a flower or leaf to make her happy. But Tai Ji will keep calling me. I have a special night with Pari. Please do something, please handle it.

I don’t this night to be spoiled too. Monty says I will tell her you to have a very long meeting. You enjoy your time. Rajiv says thank you, brother. Neeti says to Pari don’t worry. I am with you. I will catch your Rajiv red-handed. All these men, cheat with time. Pari says I am very happy for you. Sanju isn’t like that at all.

Neeti says I wish I could say the same for you. I never thought you will get such a bad man. How can he even do that? Pari recalls how Rajiv said on the first night you should sleep and rest. We have our whole life to know each other. Neeti recalls Rajiv said everything you say and do feel right.

Pari recalls Rajiv scolding her. Neeti recalls Sanju saying I only have your name in my heart. Pari says to Neeti I am sorry. I ruined your first married day. Neeti says shut up. I will always be there for you. I will expose Rajiv soon.

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