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Parineetii 17th October 2022 Chandrika says Pari take sargi. Pami says yes this is your first karwa chauth. I know you must have thought a lot about this day. Pari says Neeti is Rajiv’s wife. She will fast, it’s her right. Pami says I know you must have dreamed of this day. Please take sargi as the DIL of this house.

Gurinder says fast is done by women for their husbands. will Rajiv break Pari’s fast or Neeti’s? So this sargi is useless. Neeti has a right to it. Neeti comes and meets Gurinder. Gurinder gives her said. She says I will be so hungry. Neeti says Pari have you fasted for Rajiv too? Pari says no. I mean this is for Sanju, only you can eat it. Pari was imagining it.

Pari eats a bite from it and wipes her tears. Pammi says Pari I know how to hurt you are. You’ve tied our hands. This isn’t good for anyone. Not you, Rajiv, or Neeti. She will go against you when she finds out the truth.

Pari says we will always be friends. Pami says she tole your husband. Pari says no, Rajiv fooled both of us. It’s Rajiv, not Neeti. If she finds out the truth, she will leave Rajiv. Neeti is pregnant. I can’t think badly of her. She loves Rajiv a lot. She has fasted for Rajiv. Pami says I know you’ve fasted too. Pari says no, I have not. I have no feelings for Rajiv. Pami says okay then eat this. Pami asks her to eat.

Scene 2
Rajiv says Neeti wake up and at least say bye. I am going to work. She says let me sleep. He says it’s my first office day after you are here. Say goodbye to me. She says should I play band Baja. I will be hungry all day.

I am different from other girls. Go from here before I make you fast too. He hugs her. She says it’s not romance time. She says I will make noise. Sanju says kiss me then I will leave. Neeti says I am fasting. She says, Tai Ji. Sanju gets scared. He laughs and leaves. Neeti sleeps.

Pami says eat it. Can’t eat? Pari eats it. Pami is shocked. Pari coughs run out and spits it. Chandrika says are you okay? Chandrika says have you not eaten? She says I ate a lot yesterday. Chandrika says you are fasting? Pari says no I am not. Pami says are you okay? Pari says I am fine. Chandrika says she puked. Pami says I am sure she’s fasting.

Scene 3
Neeti gets ready. She says I look so pretty. Pari comes there. Neeti says come in. Why are you not ready? Pari says I am not fasting. Neeti says don’t think about Sanju. Get ready, take this dress and get ready.

Neeti is upset for Pari. She says Rajiv has hurt her so much. It’s her first karva Chauth. How can Rajiv do this to her? She says let me get you ready. Gurinder comes. Neeti says I am getting Pari ready. Gurinder says she will get ready herself. Pari says how will I break my fast? I have no right over Rajiv.

The pooja starts. Pari comes there too. Pami asks her to sit. The woman asks why are you late? Pari says I am not fasting. Pari says her husband isn’t in Chandigarh. She got ready for us. Gurinder says she isn’t even fasting.

Neeti says things aren’t good between her husband and her. She is here to learn from you; Neeti says aunty her husband isn’t here. She wants to be part of karwa Chauth. The woman starts the story of Karwa Mata. Pami is heartbroken for Pari. Pari says to Pami you look so pretty. She puts tilak on her. They start plate-rotating rituals. Neeti says it’s all so romantic. Can’t wait for Sanju.

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