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Parineetii 17th August 2022 Pari says leave my hand.. She says please save me. Pari throws masala in his eyes. He screams. Pari runs. Rakesh says I will find you. Pari runs. Neeti is in the car. She says let me go. She screams for help. Shera says no one can save you now. Neeti screams for help. Rajiv comes home.

Neeti isn’t home. He sees flowers. He says Neeti ordered so many flowers. Rajiv checks in the room. Neeti is nowhere. Shera says why did you mess with Rakesh? You can’t save Pari. Neeti bites on his hand. He screams. They tie her up. Rajiv looks for Neeti everywhere. He sees shoe marks with mud. Rajiv is scared. He says is Neeti okay?

Pari is in the taxi. Pari calls Rajiv.. She says no I shouldn’t bother him. Shera’s car stops next to Pari’s but she doesn’t see her. Pari calls Rajiv. Rajiv says is Neeti cheating on me? No no. She can’t. He calls Neeti. Neeti can’t pick up her phone.

Shera says how will you pick up anyone’s phone when Rakesh cuts both of your hands. Pari calls Rajiv but his phone is busy. Rajiv wonders what’s happening. He says maybe the feet mark are of the florist who must have delivered them. They write sorry on a chit and leave it in the flowers. He says I will be back soon.

Scene 2
Chandrika dances. She asks Amit to dance with her. He falls. he says you made me fall. She picks him.. She falls as well. Monty comes and says what’s happening here?
Pari is on the way. She asks the driver to drive fast. Parminder calls Pari and says where are you? Pari says I am on my way.

Simi says to keep an eye on her. Who knows who is she out with? She says shut up. Chandrika is right about you. You’re always angry because you’re alone. Simi says and that will fix things. What’s the guarantee that he won’t be an addict like my brother or careless like my dad? Who doesn’t care about his kids and wife.

Pari calls Rajiv. He thinks it’s needed. He says where are you love? You’re not even at home. Pari says what? He says I was asking you where you are. She says I am in the market. Pari says can you pick me up on the way? I don’t feel good. He says get home I will meet you there. Rakesh follows Pari’s cab. Pari is scared.

Pari asks the driver to drive fast. She is scared. Shera calls Rakesh and says Neeti is with us. Should we kill her? He says no it’s elections, don’t do that. Shera says we have to get rid of her. He takes out his knife. Rakesh says now I’ve to catch Pari. Neeti screams for help. Rakesh cuts her hand and says stay quiet now. Neeti says Sanju please save me.

Police stop the car. Shera’s man goes out. They’re checking the cars. Neeti says I will make a noise when a policeman is near. Rakesh’s car stops next to Shera’s. Neeti sees him. She screams for help. He looks at her.


Parineetii 18th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pari and Sanju both are near Neeti’s car but they can’t see inside because it’s tinted. Sanju says why do I feel something near this car.

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Telecast Date:17th August 2022
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