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Parineetii 13th October 2022 Pami says what you’ve done for us, not even my daughter can do that. Simi says to Neeti there are petals in your hair. Let me clean it. Neeti says let’s go. All the guests would leave. Simi says you go, I am coming. Neeti goes downstairs. Simi calls Chandrika. Chandrika is worried. She says Neeti must be coming here,

how do I get Pari out of here? She calls Simi. Chandrika says Pari is still there. Simi says Neeit has left the room. Chandrika says what? Simi says you should have taken Pari out of there. Chandrika says you should’ve stopped Neeti. Simi says she’s not neeti, she doesn’t listen. It’s out of my hands now. Simi cuts the call. Pari holds Pami’s hand.

Pami says I can’t do anything for you, how can I pray for my daughter? Pari says don’t say that. You’ve given me so much love and respect. I didn’t get my husband’s love but you were all my family. Pami says you’re a Devi. I hope God gives you a lot of happiness.

Scene 2
Rajiv says to Monty am I smelling of alcohol? He says no no.. let’s go dance outside. Monty comes and says to the women let’s dance and celebrate. Rajiv dances. He thinks it’s Neeti and he dances with her. He hugs her while dancing. Neeti comes there. Chandrika is worried. Chandrika drags Pari out fof there. Neeti comes to Rajiv.

he is dancing. Rajiv asks what happened. She says are you drunk? He says I was celebrating. She says you should have sat with me. He says sorry. She says leave my hand and dances alone. Rajiv says she was dancing with me. Gurinder says I am so happy. You got your love and I got my family. Rajvi says thank you for accepting Neeti. Rajiv goes to Neeti.

Rajiv comes to the room and says Neeti I am so sorry. You shouldn’t be angry, it will stress our child. You know I can’t tolerate your silence. I can never hurt you. I love you so much. It’s Pari. A woman says I saw two girls in a bride’s dress. Who was she? Simi says there was one girl only. The woman says no I saw two brides. Simi says this is why you shouldn’t dance in this age. Gurinder says your head must be hurting. A woman says you should rest. Simi says sit, have this juice.

Rajiv says I love you a lot. I know you didn’t like me drinking. I was just celebrating. We got everything we wanted. We are together, we have our child. Look at me. I know you’re tense for Pari. I feel bad for her too. If I see her husband I will smack his face. How can someone do this to his wife? I hope she finds someone else who loves her. He hugs her and says say I love you. Pari shoves him. Rajiv says,

Pari. She says what will you fix? You were lying to Neeti too? You thought Neeti would think good of you if you say these things about me. Rajiv says I am ashamed. I can’t tell Neeti anything. Why are you in Neeti’s clothes? She says I did it to save your family and their respect so Neeti doesn’t know her husband is such a big liar. Neeti comes and says liar who? Rajiv says she’s worried because of her friend.

Neeti says Pari.. are you okay? Have you cried? Tell me what happened. Pari says I had a fight with Rajiv. Neeti says why are you wearing the same dress as me? Pari says Chandrika bhabhi gave it to me. They thought we are sisters so. JNeeti says I am so happy. Sanju’s family is so nice. They are so considerate. Let’s go.

Scene 3
Rajiv says I said everything in front of Pari. We are not even divorced. Pari must be more hurt now. Monty asks where did you go? Rajiv says I try not to hurt Pari. I try to keep a distance from her. Rajiv tells him everything. Monty says what if you say something in front of Neeti. She will leave you.

Neeti comes there. Monty says let’s go everyone is waiting. Women ask where did you go? Sanju says she got a call from her office. A woman says Gurinder your DIL is perfect, she’s well-mannered and hard-working too. Gurinder says they’re made in heaven. She will fast for her husband tomorrow. The women leave. Pari says how will I see Neeti fasting for Rajiv. I will leave this house today. I can’t see this.

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