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Parineetii 10th October 2022 Neeti is happy. She says Sanju’s family would agree too and my child would be happy. I am so grateful to have a perfect and honest husband like Sanju. Tai Ji says to Rajiv if you ever see in Pari’s eyes you will know what true love is. What you did with Neeti isn’t true love.

What Pari did was true love where you sacrifice. You won’t understand. No one can love you as Pari loved you, not even Neeti. Don’t be blinded by love. You can’t see someone else’s pain. I don’t know how will I see Neeti with you. Rajiv says please listen. Tai Ji says don’t even expect I would support you.

Look at her, she can’t even go to her mom. She can’t even tell anyone. How will she tolerate this? She will see her friend in her place. Rajiv says Neeti wasn’t well, she was pregnant. She needs us, your love. Tai Ji says I won’t accept her. Neeti comes and says accept who? Rajiv says she was saying you should accept the rituals of this house. Neeti says Tai Ji don’t worry.

I will accept everything and be a perfect DIL. Pami leaves. Tai Ji says why is she mad at me? Ravji says she’s not well. Everything will be fine in a few days. Neeti hugs him. Ravji says I am always with you.

Scene 2
Pari packs her things. She thinks about Rajiv. Pari everything has changed. My family, house, and husband are Neeti’s. Why am I here? I should go. How can I leave Neeti alone? If she finds out the truth she will never forgive me. I have to be here for Neeti. I have to stay here as a guest to support Neeti.

Scene 3
Rajiv wakes up and hugs Neeti. Neeti says get up, we are late. He says I am sleepy. Let me sleep. She says it’s late. Tai Ji will be mad that I am late. He lays in her lap. Neeti says I have to do rituals. Sanju says the biggest ritual is to keep me happy. Neeti says let me tell Tai Ji. He says this isn’t fair. Neeti says let me call Tai Ji here and there.

He says okay go. Neeti hugs him and says sorry. I love you. Rajiv says you don’t love me. Prove your love. She says I will prove in your way. Close your eyes. Neeti throws a cushion at him and he runs. Rajiv says at least my dreams were better, you were close to me.

Pami is upset. Tao Ji asks her what happened? She says everything is over. It’s Neeti’s first kitchen ritual. How will Pari feel when she sees it? Tao Ji says what can we do? Some things aren’t in our hands. The way Pari is facing all this, we should appreciate her. Pami says Rajiv’s mistake won’t fix. We never asked Pari if she is okay.

She must have seen the signs. Tao Ji says we all trusted Rajiv. He has been lying to everyone, even Neeti. Pami says what was Pari’s fault? She was always nice to everyone. He says please don’t take the stress. This is Pari’s test. She will pass it. Chandrika comes. She says Tai Ji Neeti is in the kitchen. Please come. Pami says I am coming.

Scene 4
Pari is in the kitchen. Neeti says I am so tired, Sanju doesn’t let me sleep. Pari says you have to make gajar halwa. Chandrika told me. Neeti says I saw the Suji halwa recipe. I don’t know how to cook. Neeti says my MIL will kick me out of the house. Rajiv gets ready. He asks Neeti why are you stressed? She says I don’t know how to make halwa. I can’t even make tea, you make it. Why didn’t you tell me?

He says Pari knows how to make it. When Tai Ji wasn’t well, she brought it. Rajiv asks Pari if she can make it. Pari says what if Tai Ji finds out? Rajiv says I will handle everyone. No one would know. Neeti says please help me. Pari says just add sugar and ghee for the shagun. Neeti says I will. Thank you. Neeti hugs her and says thank you. Rajiv says if you go out of the kitchen, they will find out. Pari says you sit here, I will handle everything. Rajiv says thank you, Pari. She ignores him.

Pami comes to the breakfast table. Everyone is at the table. Monty says Rajiv? Gurinder says to call him Sanju. Neeti knows him by that name only. Simi invites people for much dikhayi. Pami says now we have to be their way. Gurinder says Pari wants the same. Gurinder says Neeti is halwa ready?

Pami says does she even know how to make it? Gurinder says ask Pari. I don’t care who teaches her. Simi says I have invited all the guests. Everything is ready. Pami says Rajiv has done much dikhayi. Gurinder says I want everyone to know who my DIL is and I will celebrate Neeti’s happiness. The Bajwa family knows how to celebrate. Pami says just, Gurinder Bajwa. Gurinder says Neeti will give me my heir, I will keep her happy.


Parineetii 11th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Munh dikhayi starts. A woman sees the girl in ghunghat and says you’re so pretty. Your DIL is a diamond. Amit tells Simi this woman was also at Pari’s much dikhayi. Simi gets Neeti ready. Pari is in the ghunghat. Rajiv takes off the ghunghat. He says, Pari.. Neeti comes there.

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Telecast Date:10th October 2022
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