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Pandya Store 8th October 2022 Episode starts with everyone singing and playing Antakshari. Rishita sings. Shweta says no, it doesn’t start with N, Rishita can’t sing a song. She sings. Dhara says Krish and Shweta will sing now.

Krish sings dil sambhal jaa… Everyone smiles. They reach the resort. Dhara says they booked a beautiful resort, they have a big heart. Deven comes there in disguise. Shweta looks at him and thinks he reached before us, if anyone identifies him, then it will be a problem. Suman says I find your face familiar.

Deven says no, you might have seen someone else. He thinks Shweta is right, she is sharp, maybe you had seen me at Somnath temple. Suman says maybe. Shweta thinks I have to give the jewellery to him and send him away. Gautam gives the room keys. Suman goes to get the snacks. Dhara says we have sent all the bags to the room. Shweta asks Krish to hold Chiku, she is going to washroom.

She goes to the room. Gautam says we will also take rounds again. Dhara says yes, we will go to Switzerland on honeymoon. He says I can take you to Kashmir. Dev says we should come here later, alone.

Rishita says we will come with family, we have a baby now, you are saying about honeymoon now. Suman thinks I will see Krish’s marriage, then I wish I see Chiku and Chutki’s marriages too. Shweta looks for the jewellery. She changes the jewellery boxes. Krish and Suman come. Suman says I will go, you go with Chiku. She sees Shweta there.

She asks what are you doing here. Shweta asks is this your room, they said its my room, I got confused. Suman says you are educated, how can this be your room. Shweta says yes. Suman checks the jewellery bag and says thank God, it got saved. Shweta asks her to keep the jewellery sets, she will take it later. Dhara comes. Suman says I forgot and gave this bag to bellboy, its good he didn’t see it.

Dhara says its our savings. Suman says yes. Shweta says I will go to my room. Dhara says I will keep everything in the safe. Deven stops Shweta. She sees Rishita coming. She asks him to go, she will give him jewellery later. He goes. Dhara asks her to check the song sequence for sangeet. Shweta says I will do.

Dhara grinds the haldi. She talks to Jankana. Jankana says I had seen many dreams for Shweta, but her one mistake… Rishita gets Shweta’s phone. She checks the pics of the jewellery. She says she can open a new jewellery showroom, why is she opening the fake jewellery, is she going to replace the real jewellery.

Dhara says past is past, no need to remember old things, Shweta is getting married, fulfill all your dreams, I don’t know what dreams my mum had about my marriage, but I understand, a mum does everything for her daughter which she couldn’t do for herself, I have put gulab and Chandan in the haldi, see Shweta’s glow after haldi. Jankana says Shweta is lucky to get an elder sister like you,

I feel scared seeing tensions between Rishita and Shweta. Rishita sees Shweta and Krish busy. She sends the pics. Shweta turns to see. Rishita keeps her phone. Shweta says you like to touch my phone. Rishita says your phone is interesting. She thinks now the family has to believe me.

Shweta worries. Dhara sees Rishita and thinks what is she doing to do now. Jankana asks did you grind the haldi. Dhara asks her to do it. She goes. Rishita goes to Suman and says you trust Shweta a lot. Suman says I trust you also, you are my fav. Rishita says don’t joke, I have to talk something imp about Shweta. Dhara says stop, listen to me, your lehenga got burnt.

Rishita asks what. Dhara takes her. Rishita says I will come back, call everyone. Suman asks what was she going to tell me. She prays that there is no drama. Deven catches Shweta. She says let me go. He asks for the jewellery. She says Rishita got after me. Krish comes and sees them. Rishita says I will tell the truth to Suman. Dhara asks what is it, tell me.


Pandya Store 8th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rishita says Shweta made fake jewellery, I don’t know why. Dhara is shocked. Rishita collides with Shweta and asks where are you going. She sees the bag. Dhara hides and looks on.

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Telecast Date:20th August 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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