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Pandya Store 7th September 2021 Episode starts with Suman hearing some ladies laughing on her family. She taunts them. Gautam welcomes everyone. Dev checks the mic. Rishita says you will look the best today, where is Raavi. Anita says she is on the terrace, she is practicing dahi handi, maybe she is upset and seeing Shiva. Rishita asks her to come, leave Raavi, let her do what she wants. Suman asks Dhara to do the rituals. The ladies taunt Dhara and Suman. Suman smiles. She says Lala comes in Dhara’s lap himself. She replies the ladies. The lady says Suman’s sons are standing quiet today, what’s the matter. Shiva asks what are you saying. Dhara says leave it, Kaki won’t change. Dhara stumbles. Gautam holds her. He asks are you fine. The lady jokes. Gautam asks Shiva to see if there is no wire on the ground. Shiva says sure.

Suman asks Dhara to take care. The lady asks what happened to her. Suman says she is healthy. Dhara goes to do Kanha shringhaar. She says Rishita was just here. Dhara does the rituals. Gautam hugs Suman. Krish locks the door. He leaves. Dev welcomes everyone in the function. Suman stops Prafulla. Prafulla says I will not step back. She says Raavi had left Shiva, so you want to create a scene here. Suman says Shiva left Raavi. They argue. Suman says my son had sent the divorce papers to her. Dhara and them to calm down. Kanta asks Prafulla to get quiet now, Raavi isn’t so good, she has seen everything. The lady says Shiva got his loss. Suman asks do you know what Raavi did, I will make a list. Krish robs Raavi’s clothes. He says Rishita sent me here to steal the clothes, Raavi should wear the Sasural dress. Raavi ends the practice. She goes to the balcony. She sees Shiva and Prafulla arguing. She says I will not leave him. She imagines Gautam and Dhara explaining her not to defame them. She says I got confused, shall I wear that lahenga and go in the puja. She prays to Kanha.

Prafulla asks Shiva to go away. Suman asks Shiva to shut Prafulla’s mouth. Shiva says yes, Raavi left me, so what. Prafulla says tell everyone why she left you, if any educated girl stays with an illiterate like you, then she will get suffocated. Raavi thinks what are they talking, I can’t hear them. Suman says Raavi was committing suicide, Shiva saved her, get lost. Prafulla says Shiva has no qualities, he doesn’t respect girls, he should be cursed to stay a bachelor always, I thank Lord that Raavi got free from this devil.

Dhara says stop this drama please. Prafulla says you will make me quiet now, they will think my Raavi is wrong, why doesn’t I tell them the truth. Dhara asks Dev to go and make puja announcement fast. Prafulla says I will find a gentleman for my Raavi. Dev requests everyone to keep calm, bhajan program will start. Shiva says I will help you find a guy for Raavi. He takes the mic. He says I know everyone is more concerned for Raavi and my relation, I have divorced Raavi, because I wasn’t suitable for Raavi, if anyone of you think she should get remarried, then contact Prafulla. Raavi says Shiva is doing a drama again. Gautam stops Shiva and says I don’t want any drama, control your anger. Prafulla gets calls. Raavi says he thinks I will hide, I will come in the puja. Krish throws the potli out. Raavi sees him in her room. He worries.


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Telecast Date:7th September 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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