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Pandya Store 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 31st August 2022 Episode starts with Gautam seeing Suman and Dhara crying. He gets sad. He says I can’t see Dhara crying, its right if Suman consoles her now. Suman asks Dhara to call everyone for dinner.

Everyone is seen dining. Shweta looks on. Krish says we won’t have the food. Gautam says we are waiting for Shiva. Raavi says he didn’t come home. Dhara says he would be coming. Chiku cries. Shweta makes a face. Dhara rushes and drops the glass of water. She stops. Suman signs Shweta and asks who are you waiting for, your baby is crying, go.

Shweta goes. Rishita says I m feeling hungry, I will have food, when will Shiva come. Suman asks her to eat food. She asks Raavi to call Shiva. Raavi calls Shiva. They hear the phone ringing and turn to see. Shiva comes home injured. They all rush to him.

Rishita says maybe he fought with someone. Gautam scolds Shiva. Shiva says no, I didn’t fight with anyone. Shiva gets seated. He says I went to get the phone repaired, some shops were getting destructed there, I saw a slab falling on Kaka, I pushed him, the slab fell on me. Raavi says you got hurt while saving someone. She cries.

He asks why are you crying, why are you all in tension, it’s a matter of 10-15 days, I will be fine. He asks Krish to lift the sacks, and help Gautam and Dev for some days. Krish says yes, I m proud of you. Jeevan ka yeh pahiya…plays… Dhara feeds Shiva by her hands.

Raavi, Gautam and everyone also feed him the food. Shweta says how do they live here in so much noise. She puts the ear plugs on and plays music.

Chiku plays in the cradle. She thinks it’s a matter of one month, when mom and dad know that I can’t bond with Chiku, they won’t force me, I will get free. Krish comes there and sees her crossing the dates on the calendar. She says I should know how long I will stay in the jail. He thinks she wants to take Chiku.

Raavi smiles seeing a gift. Shiva comes. He gives her a gift. He says I had got this for you, its my mistake that I went to a wrong hotel. She calls him cute. She says if you gave this gift yesterday, then it would have been romantic, you would have got a return gift, this love, can only you do this. She gives him a gift. He asks what’s inside. He says you check that, I will check this. They check the gifts.

He sees a costly watch. He says its worth 10000rs. Raavi likes the dupatta. She thinks I forgot to remove the tag, his ego may get hurt. Shiva asks why such a costly watch. She laughs and says its not branded and costly, just an extra zero. She lies to him. He says right. She says this is so beautiful. She asks am I looking good in this chunar. He asks how did you get it. She says I like it a lot.

Kesariya….plays… He adorns her. He says now you look Shiva’s Gauri. She says your love for me is like Rishikesh. She does poetry. She says this chunar is a symbol of our love, I will always keep this, I will wear this and come in front of you when you trouble me. He nods. He holds her face.

He says you are also very imp for me, you gave me a watch, but you have to give me time, will you give. She says all my time is yours, my breath is yours, I love you Shiva. He says I love you too and kisses her. They smile. Its morning,

Dhara makes the tea. She stays lost. Krish comes and sees the tea spilled, and the bread toast burning. He calls her out. She says sorry, you sit outside, I will make fresh toast for you. He says don’t think of Chiku, I m with you,

even if Chiku leaves you, your Krish will always be there for you. She asks him to have food and go to college. He says I will make breakfast for you, go. Raavi makes Chiku bath. Dhara looks on and goes aside. Shweta talks to her mom on video call. Suman looks on. Shweta’s mom asks her to handle Chiku.

Shweta says he always cries, he just gets quiet when Dhara is here. Suman asks Shweta to handle Chiku, give him love. Shweta thinks I have to prove that Chiku can’t stay with me. Raavi asks Shweta to handle Chiku for 2 mins. She goes. Shweta holds Chiku. She sees Suman and Krish. She says sorry Chiku, and acts dizzy. Suman shouts Chiku. Suman, Raavi and Krish get shocked. Dhara comes running.


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Telecast Date:31st August 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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