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Pandya Store 30th October 2022 Episode starts with few men teasing Shweta. Dhara gets conscious. Gautam says when you knew Shweta’s truth, why didn’t you tell me, you went to tackle Deven alone. Dhara says I know, you will be with me to handle the mess, so I didn’t feel scared. He says if anything happened to you, then what would I do. She says nothing will happen to me when you are with me.

Shweta gets surrounded by the goons and worries. Dhara recalls Shweta. She sees Chiku. Shweta shouts for help. Some ladies come. The goons get away. The lady asks are you fine, where is your house. Shweta says its nearby, thanks, I will manage. Dhara cries. Krish says its good Shweta isn’t here, mum asked me to take divorce, Dhara got Chiku with her. Shweta recalls her past life and cries.

She says I have stayed on the roads once, I won’t let this happen again. Rishita thinks I have made Shweta out, Dhara can go to bring her back, I have to talk to her. She goes out and sees Dhara crying. Dhara says I m scared for my Krish’s breakdown. Rishita says you shouldn’t cry for that fraud girl, don’t tell me that you are thinking to bring her back. Shweta takes a stone and injures herself.

Dhara asks what do you mean. Rishita says Suman ousted her, the truth has come out. Dhara says so you did this. Rishita says yes, I messaged Deven to come and take the jewellery, it was my plan. Dhara says you couldn’t give her a chance. Rishita says she was acting to be Sanskari bahu. Dhara says I hate you, did you think about Chiku, if Shweta took him along, then how would I live.

She goes upstairs. Shweta sneaks inside the house by a window. She comes to Krish’s room. He gets shocked seeing her. He asks why did you come here, get out. She says I didn’t come to stay here, no one will accept me here, some goons got after me, I saved my life, and came here, I m safe here.

He says you should have known the value of this house when you cheated us, get out. She says I didn’t come to stay here. Rishita asks Dhara to listen to her. Dhara says you ruined everything. Rishita says I just got her truth out. Dhara claps for her. She says you proved yourself right, when Shweta comes to take Chiku, then give him to her. Shweta says go and get Chiku from Dhara.

Krish asks what did you say, you were leaving him and going to Dubai, why did you come here, you don’t love Chiku, I won’t let Chiku go with you. She says I won’t leave him, he is my son, you love money, not him,

Dhara got rich, its my wish to sell him or make him beg, go and talk to Dhara. Krish thinks if Chiku goes, then what will happen of Dhara. Shweta thinks Krish and Dhara will agree if I get emotional and cry. Rishita says I didn’t think of Chiku. Dhara says you don’t think of anyone, but yourself, how will I send Chiku with Shweta. She cries.

Shweta cries and says I agree, I made a big mistake, trust me, whatever happened, I didn’t plan all that, its not my mistake, Deven is my past. Krish asks why did you lie. Shweta says I was helpless, I thought I will get rid of him, I know you will do anything for Chiku, if you want Chiku to stay with Dhara, let me stay here, where will I go. He says if anyone can save you and let you stay here, its just Dhara, I can give you a place to stay in this room, not my heart, just for Dhara and Chiku’s sake.


Pandya Store 30th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shweta plans to break Raavi and Shiva’s relation. Shweta brainwashes Dhara. Rishita hears Shweta and asks what is she saying, Shiva and Raavi are going to Goa.

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Telecast Date:20th August 2022
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