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Pandya Store 2nd September 2021 Episode starts with Dhara getting shocked seeing Suman. She asks how did this happen. Suman says I tried hard to reach the bathroom, but couldn’t reach. Dhara sees Rishita. She says I was not feeling good, so I went out, but Rishita was at home then…. Suman says she was there, but this happened, Dev had to give me a bath, you forced me to get embarrassed. Dev says forget it now. Suman asks how can I forget it, this never happened with me, Dhara took much care of me, but now she has changed.

She says you left me to Rishita, you got me ashamed, I m feeling ashamed. Dhara cries and says forgive me. Anita looks on. Dhara says I promise, I will not leave you alone for a moment. Suman says it doesn’t matter now, you better kill me. Dhara says don’t say this, please, I have come, I won’t let this happen again. Suman says go away. She asks Anita to take her to the room. Dhara cries. Rishita tells her everything. Dhara asks why didn’t you understand when she said she wants to go to bathroom. Rishita says I m really feeling guilty, please forgive me. Dhara says why did I leave Suman alone. She cries.

Prafulla asks Raavi to come. She says tell the lawyer about the compensation. Raavi taunts her. Prafulla says ask for Pandya store, share in property. Raavi says stop it, I don’t want anything, I just want this relation to end. Suman asks Anita to go. She pushes Anita. Anita says I can’t go leaving you crying. Dhara comes. Suman asks Dhara to just leave. Dhara goes to the kitchen. She cries. Rishita says I know you would be complaining to Gautam about me, its your mistake, you should have told me that Suman can’t do anything on her own, you had to act great, that you handle the house alone. Dhara scolds her. She says you don’t know how everyone lives here, you know about maid requirement, you don’t understand that we have to care for Suman like a kid. Rishita says don’t lecture me, I will clean the kitchen.

Dhara says you made Suman realize her helplessness. Rishita says everyone likes to blame me always. A glass breaks by Rishita’s hand. She says I will clean it. Dhara asks how long will you stay like this, you fight for your rights, you get everyone’s support, I support you, you should know to keep responsibility, Suman is everyone’s responsibility. Rishita says you are saying as if I don’t do anything, tell me, how would I help Suman even if I heard her call. Dhara asks her to stop it now. Anita massages Suman’s feet. Suman asks her to leave. Anita says I won’t go, I want you to understand that its imp than you stand on your feet, whatever happened today can happen again. Suman cries.

Anita says Rishita will go for job, Raavi left the house, Dhara went out today, knowing Rishita can’t take your responsibility. Suman cries. Anita says I love you a lot, sorry, I want to explain that maybe Dhara did this intentionally, did Dhara go out at such time before. Suman says she is right. Rishita says I m telling about adult diapers, we can make Suman wear that. Dhara says thanks for knowledge, else we would not know it, its about Suman’s emotions, will she get ready to wear diaper, she would take this on her self-respect, I will try to work till my delivery’s last date, you have to understand your responsibility. Rishita argues. She says all this is just an excuse to stop me from going for the job.


Pandya Store 3rd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Suman asks Rishita to give her medicines. Dev and Rishita leave. Shiva says I will tell Krish. Prafulla says Dhara will see her family or you. Suman worries.

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Telecast Date:2nd September 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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