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Pandya Store 2nd November 2021  Episode starts with Disha flirting with Shiva. She says I m hurt, I can’t get up. Raavi says give me your hand. Disha asks how can you help, Shiva can help me. Raavi gets angry. Anita comes to the shop. She meets Gautam. She asks him not to worry, she is with him. He says this never happened, I feel scared when I go to Dhara, I don’t want to lie to her. Customer comes.

Gautam goes to get tea powder. Shiva helps Disha. He asks her to go home and take rest. He says I will come home and drop you. She asks him to take her to his house, her mum will get worried. Raavi says go to your house. Disha says it will be my Sasural soon. Shiva says you also want to go home, come. Raavi says no thanks, I will go by walk. He makes her sit. He also goes with them.

Anita says its not the right time that Dhara knows this, have the halwa, I made it for you. Gautam says I will have it later. She feeds it to him. Hardik comes and looks on. Gautam asks him to come. Anita thinks Hardik is also troubling me. Gautam asks her to feed it to Hardik also. Hardik says no need. He taunts her.

She says have this halwa, do your work. She leaves. Gautam jokes. Hardik asks since when do you like Halwa, stay away from her. Gautam says Dhara is doubting me, now you started, are you also pregnant. Hardik says I can see everything. Gautam says my baby is coming, you think I will have an affair with Anita, Dhara is her good friend, Anita has changed now, don’t worry. He teases Hardik about Anita. Hardik says we will go and have some drinks. Gautam says yes, I m ready. Hardik says we will meet at our place tonight.

Disha sees Shiva and smiles. Shiva sees Raavi. Raabta….plays… Disha says my parents will meet Suman and talk about the alliance. Raavi gets angry. Disha holds Shiva’s hand. Raavi asks him to take the veg bag. Dhara cleans the temple. She sees the file behind. Raavi comes angry. Dhara asks what happened. Shiva gets Disha home. She says you have a lovely smile. He says you didn’t see my anger yet, sit, stay away from me, its good for you. She says you can’t scare me.

Rishita talks to Dev. She says I will get leave when we go to Goa. Dev says if she knows that I booked the tickets only to win the competition, then she will not leave me, I have asked for tickets refund, I have to tell her. Raavi gets angry seeing Shiva and Disha. Dhara looks on.

She asks Raavi to express her annoyance, don’t make tea for him. Raavi gets hurt. She murmurs. Shiva comes and asks what are you saying. Raavi says nothing. He asks did you go mad. She argues. He asks her to warm some oil and add haldi, its for Disha. She asks him to do it himself. He asks her to apply oil to her head and calm down. He heats the oil. He takes the bowl off the gas stove. His hand burns. Raavi cares for him. She asks is it fine now. He says no.

She asks why are you doing this. He says all this happened because of you. He goes. He says I think you got fine now. Disha says you changed for my sake, my pain is gone. Raavi taunts her. She collides with Dhara. Dhara says its good you have come, Shiva has to tell you something.

Shiva asks Dhara to take rest. Dhara asks do you need Disha, why didn’t you tell her, Suman isn’t home, go and tell her the truth. He says I told her not to have any hope, still she has no problem. Dhara says don’t lie. Shiva keeps his hand on Dhara and says I swear. She says tell her again and make her understand, Raavi is so hurt, can’t you see that. He says every person should have fight their own war, let Raavi and me fight for our relation.


Pandya Store 3rd November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Gautam is drunk. He says you have never hurt me in 10 years, we can’t run away from the truth, the truth is… Dhara asks who has come between us.

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Telecast Date:2nd November 2021
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