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Pandya Store 29th October 2022 Episode starts with Deven saying I know you had stolen jewellery and cash from your parents’ house for my sake, I remember, you did a lot of things for the sake of my love. Shweta worries. Dhara holds Deven’s collar.

He gets shocked seeing her. She asks do you want jewellery, I will not let you take even the house dust, police will see you. She slaps him. She shouts Shiva, Gautam. Deven attacks her with a knife and pushes her. She gets hurt.

Everyone gets shocked seeing this. They all run outside. Dhara faints. Shiva and Dev beat up Deven. Gautam holds Dhara. Shweta worries and goes inside the house. Deven falls. He sees Chiku in Raavi’s hands. He takes Chiku from her. He says I will put him down. Gautam asks him to leave Chiku. Shiva signs Krish. Gautam says we will talk, leave Chiku. Shiva attacks Deven from behind.

Suman sees Shweta. Shweta sees the live footage on the screen. Shiva beats Deven. Shweta sees Suman and freezes. Suman gets angry. She stops the projector. Police comes. Shiva says everyone is recorded on the camera, I will give a statement against Deven. Deven is arrested. Gautam lifts Dhara and gets her inside the house. Suman asks is she fine. Raavi goes to get water.

Rishita goes to get first aid box. Shweta says I didn’t do anything, I don’t know how did Deven come. Suman slaps her. Suman says you are daring to lie, everyone knows about you, we kept your child and you home, Krish married a girl like you, why don’t you all send Shweta to jail with her lover. Shweta says please listen to me. Dev says she is our bahu now, we can’t put her to jail. Suman says you are worried about the people’s taunts, she ruined Krish’s life, call Jankana and ask her to take away Shweta, she will ruin our entire house. She apologizes to Krish. Krish says you are right, she doesn’t deserve to come here, she was preparing to run away. Everyone is shocked.

Suman says you knew it, why didn’t you tell me before. Krish says no, I got to know this yesterday, she told me the truth, I thought she will stay with our family and reform, everything will be fine, I got to know about Deven today only, sorry. Suman says no, I m sorry, I got you married to her. She cries. Rishita says its not Krish’s mistake, Shweta fooled you also, Krish is young.

Suman asks Shweta to get up. She drags Shweta and makes her out of the house. She asks Krish to go to lawyer and make divorce papers, it will be the best if our relation breaks with her. She scolds Shweta. Shweta asks where will I go at this time. Suman says go to your parents, they will know how to handle you cheat. Gautam does aid to Dhara. Rishita says calm down Maa.

Suman says Rishita kept telling me, but I didn’t listen to her. Krish throws Shweta’s bag. Shweta says I m saying the truth. Rishita says don’t drag Dhara in your words, I know what you will see, the truth is, you have shown different faces to everyone, we were fools to keep you here. Suman says no need to talk, shut the door. They shut the door. Shweta says please open the door. She cries.

She says this happened because of Rishita and Dhara, I have to go to mom, I have no other way. She leaves. Suman says if you all heard me before, then this would have not happened. Raavi says forget it, everything is fine. Suman says you all forced me to agree for Krish and Shweta’s marriage.

Rishita says I told you, this girl isn’t right, no one believed me, its good Dev supported me today, else Shweta would have fooled us. Dev says I got to know Shweta is missing, Krish didn’t know, I felt Rishita is right. Gautam asks did anyone call the doctor or not. Krish says doctor has come. Doctor checks Dhara. She does the aid to her wound. She asks Gautam to get the medicines.

Suman says make Dhara sleep in the room, I will also sleep, we will talk in the morning. Krish asks her to go. Krish thinks of Dhara. He cries. Gautam says its not your mistake, Krish. Shweta is on the way. She recalls everything. She says where shall I go now, I have nowhere to go. She cries.


Pandya Store 29th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shweta hurts herself. Rishita says don’t think of getting her back. Shweta says I m coming home. Krish asks her to leave. Shweta asks him to go and get her Chiku from Dhara.

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Telecast Date:20th August 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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