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Pandya Store 29th June 2022 Episode starts with Kanta saying Raavi. Shiva asks Raavi to just run. Raavi goes. Kanta says she was Raavi, but who was the guy. Rishita sees Raavi and says you here. Raavi says I was with Shiva, I mean I was listening Shiv’s songs.

Dhara comes. She says you came downstairs and were listening to Shiv songs. Raavi says yes. Rishita says you are hiding something, I saw you winking to her. Dhara asks when did I wink, something went on my eyes. Raavi goes.

Rishita says they are hiding something. Kanta comes home. She says I saw Raavi with a guy. Suman asks what nonsense, are you drunk. Kanta says ask Raavi. Suman says she was upstairs. Raavi says yes.

Kanta says I had seen Raavi. Dhara says I will tell you. She confuses Kanta. She says Kanta isn’t able to see the things clearly. Kanta says I have seen Raavi. Dhara says no, you felt so, Raavi was with me, we went out for some time and then came back home.

Kanta says maybe. Suman asks Kanta to go home and sleep. Kanta goes. Prafulla says maybe Shiva has taken Raavi’s avatar, he is a ghost, he can do anything. She gets scared and says maybe this is Shiva. She asks Shiva to send her daughter. Raavi says I m your Raavi. Prafulla says I won’t sleep with her.

She goes and sleeps in Suman’s room. Suman asks her to leave. Prafulla leaves. Dhara says let her sleep, she is scared, if she dies, then we will get the sin on us. Suman asks Prafulla to move that side and sleep.

Dhara washes the utensils. Gautam comes and asks what treasure did you get that you are so happy. She says nothing. He says I can see your happiness. She says happiness is coming home. He asks the reason.

She says Shiva is the reason, think, he is here, with us, I m happy for his sake, everything will get fine. He asks how can everything get fine, he won’t come back. She says your Shiva has come, our Shiva has come, just few days, then he will be with us. He thinks it means Dhara is pregnant. He hugs her and smiles.

Raavi stays restless. She wants to meet Shiva. Gautam says I will tell Suman. Dhara says you tell her later. He says I wish my brother comes back. She says he will come soon. She thinks sorry to lie, but he will soon come.

Raavi sneaks out of the house. Rishita sits upset. She complains to Dev about Dhara. He smiles. Raavi comes to Prafulla’s house to meet Shiva. She sees he is sleeping. She covers her face with her dupatta. She switches off the light and tries to scare him.

He shouts ghost and gets up. Raavi laughs. He says anything could have happened to me. She says you and Krish scared Rishita in the haveli. He says you are taking her revenge on me. She says not revenge. She gets close to him.

Jeena hai…plays… He kisses her. Dev says you looked so cute, I love you. Rishita smiles. He says Dhara also loves you a lot, don’t forget this. She says there is some matter, I will find out.

Shiva says you came here for me, but if anyone sees us, then truth can come out. Raavi says I took risk and came here. He says I don’t want to go to jail with entire family, we have to think of getting the land back. She asks did you think of anything. He asks her to say.

Its morning, Shiva and Raavi and sleeping. She wakes up. She says if no one sees me at home, it will be a big problem. She asks him to wake up. She leaves. Dhara looks for Suman and Raavi. Rishita says Suman took Prafulla home, didn’t she say. Dhara worries. Suman and Prafulla are on the way. Prafulla says I don’t want to go. Suman says you think I will take you my home. They come to Prafulla’s house. Raavi hears Suman and says how shall I go out.


Pandya Store 30th June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Raavi says think of something Shiva. Prafulla sees Shiva and shouts Shiva… Suman hears this and stops.

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Telecast Date:29th June 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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