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Pandya Store 27th October 2022 Episode starts with Dhara calling Dev and telling about Shiva, going to the shop without having food. She gets angry. He says I will see him. Dev asks Krish to focus on his studies, its his final year.

Krish says its okay, I got married, I have to work and earn. Dev says great. Krish thinks what shall I tell them, I don’t want anyone to taunt me. Dev says go and get breakfast. Krish says I have ordered the breakfast. Gautam comes and says you just got married, why are you irritated. Shiva says marriage means irritation.

Gautam says no, once I got married to Dhara, my life got better. They look at him. Gautam asks Shiva, did your matter with Raavi get sorted. Dev says no, he is angry seeing Arnav, Arnav came yesterday to congratulate Krish, Shiva argued with Raavi. Shiva argues. Dev says Rishita and I fight because of difference in opinions.

Shiva says you will get angry seeing her with someone else, when I ask her anything, she gets angry. Dev says their relation won’t get saved, they will just fight. He asks Shiva to do something. Shiva says you don’t think, let it be. Gautam says let me think, have patience. Dev says think soon, else Raavi can leave him and go away.

Krish says don’t say this, I feel scared. Gautam asks are you going to run away or your wife. Krish thinks to leave. He makes an excuse and goes. Dev comes home. Rishita is working. He sees Chutki. She thinks everything should get ready as planned. He says you look worried. She says yes, I m worried, you remember the guy in Krish and Shweta’s engagement, Deven isn’t his namesake brother, he is her boyfriend,

he is Chiku’s dad, she was going to exchange jewellery with his help. Dev asks her to think before blaming Shweta. Rishita says I have confirmed this already. He says it means she still has an affair with her ex, she cheated Krish and us. She says calm down, she is just trying to rob the house, I called Deven to meet,

I have put the cameras, I will run the live footage and expose Shweta. Dev says it’s a bad plan. Rishita says I have to get Shweta to the backyard, Deven will see her empty handed, they will fight and their conversation will expose them. He says your plan will flop. He goes. She asks him to go.

Gautam, Dev and Shiva cut the veggies. Dhara comes and asks them what are they doing. She says I didn’t know Shweta can make the food, we will help her. Rishita says my fav show’s maha episode is coming today, we will watch it together. She says you will make, she makes good stories. Shweta is cooking the food.

Krish gets pani puri. Dhara says its for Shweta. Krish says fine, you taste it once. Dhara says I have made it, its perfect. Dev says its 8.30pm. Dhara asks Shweta to keep the food ready. Rishita says no, ask her to make the food ready early, then we have to watch the show. Dev thinks she can reveal her plan in excitement. His finger gets a cut. Dhara does the aid. She gives gifts to them and says we will give these gifts to Shweta from our side. She asks rishita what will you give Shweta.

Rishita says lots of blessings. Dhara says praise the food, she will be glad, give these gifts. Shweta smiles. Rishita says my gift will come late. Gautam gives a box to Shiva. Shiva asks will we give many gifts to Shweta. Gautam says its for Raavi, give this to her. He shows the earrings. Shweta thinks today much drama will happen here, you will remember my first rasoi, I m waiting for Raavi.

Raavi argues with the auto driver. She gets down the auto. Shweta calls Raavi and asks don’t you know, its my first rasoi, come soon. Raavi says oh yes, no one told me, else I would have come early. Shweta says you went without giving the breakfast to Shiva, Shiva got angry, Suman also got angry as the lemon got much in the upma, come home soon. Raavi says I don’t remember that, Suman should understand, anyways, I will come and say sorry to her.

Rishita says we will see my fav show after dinner. Suman says Raavi didn’t come till now. Dhara says I will call her. Suman says she added much lemon in my upma. Raavi comes and apologizes. Shweta looks on. Suman says look at her attitude. Dhara says you came on time, get freshen up, its Shweta’s first rasoi.

Raavi says yes, I know, you didn’t call me to inform. Rishita says you came on time, leave it. Suman asks if Dhara told you, then would you come on time, no, you would give some meeting about work, so you left the breakfast to Shweta. Shiva says you asked her to handover the breakfast to mum.

Raavi says wait for some time if you want to fight with me. Suman says he always thinks of making you happy. Shweta dances in kitchen. Suman says she got attitude, she earns now, husband is nothing now, I permitted you to work outside, but you can’t leave the house responsibilities, if you can’t keep the house first then no need to work outside. Shweta comes.

Gautam says Raavi isn’t wrong, I will talk to Suman. Dhara says no, mum is angry. Raavi argues and cries. Suman scolds her. She says I will stay silent until you balance household and outside work, else I will scold you, and everyone here, rules are same for everyone. Shweta consoles Raavi. Suman says no need to show sympathy, she cries every day. Dhara says sorry, its not Raavi’s mistake, its our mistake, we should know that she has a meeting, we should have helped her,

I got busy in talking to Krish and didn’t know. Raavi says I saw you passing time, Rishita was busy romancing Dev, no one cared that I was handling the kitchen alone. Rishita says you can’t badly eye Dev and my relation, if your and Shiva’s relation isn’t going well. Raavi leaves. Dhara asks will Raavi badly eye your relation,

don’t you think before speaking. She asks Raavi to come downstairs and have food. Rishita asks Shweta to make something soon, when will they have food. Suman asks Shweta to make Koftas fast. She says watch the show tomorrow. Rishita thinks my plan will flop. Shweta thinks to make the fight drag more.


Pandya Store 28th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Dev meets Shweta and asks for the jewellery. She gets shocked. Everyone is shocked hearing their talks and seeing them on the projector. Suman ousts Shweta from the house.

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Telecast Date:27th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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