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Pandya Store 26th October 2022  Episode starts with Raavi getting a work call. Shweta asks her to go, she will do the work. Raavi says no, its your first day, how will it look. Shweta says oh then I will call Dhara and Rishita. Raavi says no, family is my priority, I will do the work. Shweta says your thinking is so good, just go, I will manage this.

She sends Raavi. She smiles. Its morning, Krish acts happy in front of Dhara. Dhara says I was tensed about Shweta and you. Krish says we are friends, we are understanding each other. Dhara says its good, just stay happy,

you take Shweta for a movie, you will get time together. He says no. She asks is everything fine. He says no, not so soon. He laughs. Raavi sees Dhara and says no one cares for me, when Shiva doesn’t respect my work, what will others do.

Shiva says everyone has time, we will finish the terrace leakage work. Suman asks him to get it done. Shiva says Gautam will talk to you about it. Dev says we have to go to supplier today. Rishita says just tell me, you will support me or not when I expose Rishita. Dev says I will, but handle the matter sensitively,

Shweta is the bahu of the house now, it will impact Krish and family. She kisses him and says you are the best. Raavi sees them and says I m getting late, Rishita didn’t come to help, she is romancing here. She gets a call and leaves.

Shweta adds lemon in the food, and says sorry Sasuma, Raavi has made the breakfast, I just made it. She goes. Rishita says Chutki, tell me how to get Shweta’s phone. She goes to Dhara and asks her to take care of Chutki, she has an imp presentation. Dhara says sure. Shweta says Raavi, all the best for your meeting. Raavi says thanks sweetheart, bye. Dhara says take care Raavi.

Raavi goes. Rishita asks seriously, sweetheart? Rishita asks Dhara to give the bath to Chutki. Dhara says get kesar milk for the babies. Shweta takes the breakfast. Suman asks about Shiva’s breakfast. Shweta says Raavi just gave your breakfast and went to office, she said she has a breakfast meeting with Arnav, she asked me to give the breakfast to you, sorry, I will get breakfast for Shiva.

Shiva says no need, I m going to the shop. Suman says take this away, I don’t want to eat. Shweta insists her and asks her to eat. Suman gets the lemon’s taste and says its upma or poison. Shweta says maybe she added much lemon in hurry. Suman says she made a mistake first time, and I have to talk to her to make it last time. Shweta smiles. Rishita goes to kitchen to get the milk.

She gets Shweta’s phone there. She smiles. She gets Deven’s number from it. She messages Deven and asks him to come to meet her in the backyard, to take the jewellery. Deven gets the message. He gets glad and replies okay baby, I will surely come, I love you. Rishita smiles. She deletes the message. She says tonight, everyone will know Shweta’s message. She sends another message.

He says how did she turn sweet, something is wrong. He replies and asks is everything fine, how did you get romantic, will you call me home and give me poison. She reads it and worries. She says it means, their affair is not going on, good, but he can doubt seeing this message. She replies… take the jewellery if you want, or go to hell, don’t message me from now, I m blocking your number.

Deven says no, I can’t lose it. He replies, no, don’t do this, I will come to meet my old Shweta. Shweta comes to the kitchen and gets hurt. Rishita worries. She hugs Shweta and deletes the messages. She keeps the phone. She acts sweet and says you will get habitual to work, I will take the milk, Dhara asked for it. Dhara says you got so late. Rishita says do as you want.

Dhara says you look happy today, why, what’s the matter. Rishita thinks I can’t tell my plan to her. She says no, I was thinking that we will go out for puja, it will be fun. Suman says yes, you got Shweta for work, who knows nothing, Raavi went to office, you both are busy talking. Dhara says Raavi made the breakfast. Suman says Shiva didn’t eat the food and left, Raavi doesn’t care for the family.

Dhara asks did you eat. Suman asks how can I eat when my son goes empty-stomach, Raavi had put much lemon in upma. Dhara says she cooks well. Suman says Raavi left the kitchen to Shweta and went out, why did you let Shweta go in the kitchen before her first rasoi, how can you forget.

Dhara says I remember it now. Shweta smiles. Dhara says sorry, I forgot. Suman says you got Chiku, you don’t care for rasams. Shweta says don’t scold Dhara, I went to kitchen by my wish. Dhara says I made a mistake, I should have told you about the rasam. Rishita thinks it’s a good chance. She says Shweta didn’t make food, Raavi made the breakfast, we can do the first rasoi ritual.

Suman says yes, do it now, Shweta didn’t do any work till now, don’t leave it to her, go and help her. Rishita says yes, we will help her. Dhara goes to call Shiva. Suman asks Shweta to go and get ready. Shweta goes. Rishita thinks Shweta will have her first and last rasoi, she will leave the house. Dev asks Shiva not to lift sacks, call any labourer. Shiva says I don’t need any labourer, I will lift sacks. Dev says I didn’t know you have a big motivation to lift sacks. Rishita says did I delete the message or not. Shweta gets her phone and thinks did Rishita check my phone.


Pandya Store 27th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rishita says Deven is Shweta’s ex, Chiku’s dad. Dev is shocked. Shweta gets shocked seeing Deven. He asks for the jewellery. Everyone sees this on the screen and are shocked.

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Telecast Date:26th October 2022
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