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Pandya Store 24th October 2022 Episode starts with Krish saying Shweta…. Dhara asks why are you scaring me, did Shweta go out, I will call her. She calls Shweta and says her number is off, what’s happening, tell me. Dev asks Krish to say, where is Shweta. Krish thinks he trapped me more. Dev says I don’t know.

Krish says actually, Shweta has gone somewhere. Dev asks where. Krish says parlour. She asks why. He says she said its first night, so she went to get ready. She says stop it, we don’t know when kids grow up. Dev says right.

She pats his head. She says tell me when Shweta comes. She goes. Krish says Dhara would have known this. Dev says I told this parlour story to Arnav, you told this to Dhara, tell me where is Shweta. Krish says I don’t know, she said she is at her parents’ house. Dev says what’s happening. Shweta comes home.

Dhara hugs her. Shweta thinks you have backstabbed me, I will stay in this family and make it shallow. Dhara asks where did you go alone, you didn’t get good makeup. Shweta asks what makeup, I didn’t get it. Krish says oh, maybe they didn’t do it right, come Shweta, I want to talk to you for two mins. Dhara says you can’t talk till evening, come with me Shweta.

Its night, Dhara takes Shweta to the room. She asks Shweta to forget the past and focus on her life with Krish. Krish waits for Shweta. He thinks she has to answer me about the ticket. Dhara says I m there, I want to see the same respect in your eyes, which I see in Krish’s eyes, don’t break my trust. Shweta says I will never break your trust, I can do this for you and family. She goes to the room. She gets shocked seeing the decorations.

She ruins it and scolds Krish. She asks him to put off the candles and lights, and let her sleep. Krish says I will switch off the lights, but I want my answers first, I got this ticket and visa in your bag, you are going to Dubai,

what do you want to go, if you planned honeymoon then where is my ticket, what about Chiku’s ticket and visa, tell me what is the matter. She burns the ticket. She says I don’t find you suitable to take along. Dhara sits praying for Krish’s happiness. Gautam comes there and looks on. He shows the gajra and asks her to come soon.

Shweta asks why shall I take you. Krish says I m your husband, we both got married. She says you don’t have a status to become my driver. He asks why did you marry me then, you should have refused, I came to ask you many times, you had run to your parents’ house because you didn’t want to keep this relation but they sent you back.

She says yes, I didn’t want to marry, what was the need to go to my parents and talk of this marriage, you are no one to question me. Gautam waits for Dhara to end her prayers. He asks her to just come with him. They go. Shweta says I feel scared when its about happiness.

He says sorry Shweta, if you think its my mistake, I will talk to your parents and my family, you don’t need to spend life with me helplessly. She says wow, you all have a habit to act great, I have made many mistakes in my life, I can’t make another mistake, you, my parents and Dhara run my life, I hate Dhara.

He shouts don’t you dare say a word against Dhara, no one can hate her, she is one in a million, you and Chiku are alive today because of her, she got you admitted in the hospital and saved your life, she loved Chiku more than you do, think before you say anything. She says Dhara has snatched my right, she broke all my dreams.

Gautam makes Dhara wear the gajra. Ishq ye haye re….plays… He looks around. She pulls him close. He says Dev might come. She laughs. He says our romance is different. They sit relaxed and happy. Krish says Rishita was saying the truth, you are angry on Dhara that she became Chiku’s custodian.

Shweta says Dhara snatched my right, my dad made Dhara so rich, you know the value of that trust, I have no money, I feel suffocated in this house. He says I understand everything, your parents kept this condition for marriage. Shweta says yes, else why would I marry you. He gets shocked.


Pandya Store 25th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shweta leaves her phone in kitchen. Rishita messages Deven to come and meet her in backyard to take the jewellery. He agrees to come. Rishita says Deven is Chiku’s dad, today Shweta’s truth will get exposed. Dev is shocked. The family is shocked seeing….

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Telecast Date:24th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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