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Pandya Store 22nd October 2022 Episode starts with Suman asking Dhara does she want to become a custodian for Chiku, she should keep their name. Dhara says I will try and become a good custodian, I won’t use any money without asking Shweta. Shweta says its okay, my parents trust you a lot, I have a headache. She goes.

Suman says go to Raavi’s room. Dhara says I will ask her if she wants something. Rishita jokes on Shweta and smiles. Shweta throws things in anger. She says this isn’t fair, they changed my game. She sits crying. Raavi says you got mad, you laugh anytime. Rishita says I m not laughing on Shweta, but on dramatic marriages.

Suman asks her to mind her tongue. Krish says she is joking, don’t spoil her mood. Dev also jokes on Rishita. Gautam says Dhara got a big responsibility, I don’t know she can manage or not, I m getting tension. He checks the file. Shiva asks why tension, you forgot, Dhara isn’t doing this for the first time, she saved Pandya store from loans, she will handle everything, right.

Rishita says I will manage your accounts, we will handle it digitally. Dev says good, my friend is investment banker, we will invest the money at a good place. Dhara gets Chiku and says I want to tell something, I won’t use that money in raising Chiku, he will get all the facilities that Chutki gets,

Chiku will decide about the trust money, we will bear all his expenses. They all smile. Dhara says because Krish is Chiku’s dad, and Chiku is Pandya. Krish says you took the right decision, why are you crying. Suman says Gautam would be feeling proud. Gautam smiles. Suman says he should be proud of Dhara,

her decision is right. Dhara says sorry I decided this alone, if anyone has a problem, then tell me. Rishita says I agree with you after a long time, both the kids will get equal treatment, what can be better than this. Dhara hugs her. Jeevan ka ye pahiya…plays….

Shiva says now we know why Shweta’s parents trust you so much. They all hold Dhara’s hand. Shiva looks at Raavi. Krish says its enough that we are with Chiku. Suman sees Shiva not holding Raavi’s hand. She hugs Chiku. Dhara hugs Krish. Shweta says dad has to answer me for this. She leaves from the window. Hari asks did we do wrong with Shweta by making Dhara the custodian.

Jankana says no. Shweta comes home and argues with them. Jankana says you don’t worry for Chiku, you married Krish but not for Chiku’s sake. Shweta shouts and sits crying. Jankana says stop this drama, you had run away with Deven, he came in the engagement party as your brother. Shweta is shocked.

Arnav comes home. He greets Shiva. Shiva turns away. Shweta says Deven, who told you about him, Dhara would have told you, she isn’t like I thought, she isn’t innocent, she told you about Deven and me to make me fall in your sight, I knew it. Jankana says it means my guess was right, does Dhara know about it. Shweta says no, I didn’t mean that,

Dhara can lie. Jankana says if Dhara doesn’t know this, then she shouldn’t know this, if they know anything, then our respect will be ruined. Arnav says I hope Krish’s marriage went well. Raavi says yes. Krish comes and greets. Dev says Raavi has become a pro, all credit goes to Arnav. Arnav says thanks, but she is smart and sharp. He congratulates Krish and hugs him. He gives a gift.

Krish asks him to give the gift to Shweta. Jankana says I met Deven at the resort, I know you wanted to take the money from your Sasural and flee, and Rishita caught you. Shweta says no. Jankana says you didn’t think of the proofs you left, you did the same with our locker, I don’t know what you know,

you are married now, they are good people, I won’t let you ruin your life. Hari asks her to go back home. Shweta says they all are dramatic, Krish is boring, low standard people, I don’t want to go there. Jankana asks what’s your standard if we remove your dad’s surname. Krish knocks the door and calls out Shweta. He thinks she is sleeping, and sits talking. He sees the pillows under the blanket. He is shocked. He says where is Shweta, did she… no, I m thinking a lot.

He goes to his room and says she isn’t here, where did she go. He calls her. She disconnects. He says did she get upset and leave the house. His phone falls. He picks it. He sees Shweta’s bag under the bed. He says I think she didn’t unpack it, I will unpack, she will be glad. He sees her clothes, and says its casual clothes, why did she put this here. Jankana says stay in your Sasural or on roads, think what you want to do. Krish checks the cupboard. He finds it empty. He says my doubt was right, she is planning to leave the house.


Pandya Store 22nd October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Krish gets Shweta’s flight tickets. Dev asks Krish where is Shweta. Krish thinks is Shweta really thinking of going to Dubai, what will I tell the family now.

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Telecast Date:20th August 2022
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