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Pandya Store 22nd November 2021 Episode starts with Raavi throwing the engagement ring in the well. Everyone smiles. Dhara and Rishita say our prayer got accepted, counsellor agreed to us. Dev and Gautam say they got saved. Suman says you have made this marriage a drama. Disha says it means your divorce didn’t happen.

Shiva says actually, when we went to the court. FB shows the judge granting the divorce. Raavi falls down. Shiva cares for her. Judge looks at them. She thinks they care for each other. She asks them to sit on the chair. Raavi says sorry.

Judge cancels their divorce. She says you can’t take the divorce now, I can’t support you in this foolishness, you fight like kids, marriage isn’t a kid’s play, you will be staying together for six months, then we will decide, I can see your love behind your fights, go and find your love, divorce no granted. FB ends.

Disha says it means you have to stay in this marriage after 6 months, what after that. Dhara says then their divorce won’t happen, they will always stay together. Disha asks won’t you get separated from Raavi. Her mum says Dhara and everyone won’t let them get separated, Dhara met me and provoked me against Shiva.

Disha asks Dhara is this true. Dhara says I won’t lie further, yes, it was me, I lied to them, I didn’t wish Shiva and Raavi’s relation to break. Suman scolds her. Dhara says I was just trying to save their relation, what could I do, sorry Disha, I did wrong with you, I was helpless, I have raised Shiva, I can read his heart, Shiva and Raavi can’t stay away, if you marry Shiva, then it will be wrong with you also, you are a nice girl, you will find a nice guy, but please let Shiva stay of Raavi.

Disha asks isn’t this unfair with me, you all played with my emotions, I will never forgive you all, I didn’t come between Shiva and Raavi, I came when the alliance came for me. She says Shiva, I m ready to wait for 6 months, tell me, you don’t accept your relation with Raavi. Rishita asks are you crazy, you will just waste you time, stop all this. Disha says I will wait for six months more. She goes with her parents. Everyone hugs Shiva and Raavi. Suman looks on angrily.

Shiva says I wanted to tell you everything. Suman says its all my mistake, right, I want that ring right now from the well, Raavi had put the ring in the well. Prafulla says Raavi did good to throw the ring. Gautam says we will find it tomorrow morning. Suman says I will go. Shiva jumps into the well. Everyone worries. They all ask Shiva to come out. Shiva says I can’t find the ring, why did you throw the ring here. Raavi asks why did you jump inside. He asks would you jump then. Suman says he knows swimming.

Gautam says don’t worry. He stops Dev from jumping inside. He asks Krish to get a stick. Krish gets a stick. Dev asks Shiva to hold it. Dhara says get some rope. Raavi gets the rope and says hold it and come up. Gautam asks Dhara not to take stress. He asks Shiva to come out. Shiva says I m not able to find the ring. Krish says sell Prafulla’s bangles and take the money for the ring. Prafulla asks what’s all this, find the ring. Shiva says I won’t come until I find the ring. Dev passes the torch. Shiva finds the ring. He says I found the ring. Dhara asks him to come up. They pull Shiva out.

Gautam and everyone scold Shiva. They hug. Dhara says Shiva risked his life to hide your small mistake, he fights with you, but you won’t find a guy like him. Suman asks him to give the ring. Dhara stops him. She says you risked your life for Raavi, make her wear this ring. Krish says you are awakening Mahasaas. Dhara says I learnt from her to keep relations united, I won’t listen to Gautam today, this engagement will happen.

Suman asks is this your mum’s ring, I want the ring. Gautam says you don’t want Dhara in stress, right, their divorce isn’t happening. Suman says you care for your wife’s wishes, not mum’s wishes, let this happen. Prafulla says how, divorce will happen after 6 months. Dhara and everyone ask Shiva to make Raavi wear the ring. Krish says do it fast, else mum will get Disha again. Suman says they both will never change, give the ring. Dhara says no, Shiva will make her wear the ring. Shiva goes to Raavi.


Pandya Store 23rd November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Everyone worries for Suman. Dev and Gautam ask Suman to open the door.

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Telecast Date:22nd November 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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