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Pandya Store 22nd July 2022 Episode starts with Shiva saying we got Krish back. Dev says Krish had done all the marriage arrangements. Gautam says Kirti asked Krish to become independent. Dhara scolds Krish for running away.

Raavi says you didn’t tell me anything, I could have given you a better advice. Suman slaps Krish and scolds him. She says I will throw you out of the house, go and earn money, you will know the reality. She takes him. Dhara says he won’t do this next time. Suman asks her to get aside. Dhara says you can beat me, if you make him leave then I will also leave the house. Suman asks how much will you spoil him.

She says you have stolen money from me, I will take you to the jail. Shiva says no, it will defame the family. They all suggest punishment for Krish. Dhara says he won’t get any punishment, he will apologize to everyone.

They ask Krish to say sorry. Suman asks what happened, you can’t say sorry. She asks where would you keep her after the money ended, you would have ruined her life, did you earn money that you went to marry. Krish cries. She says you won’t go to college now. She asks Gautam to make Krish sit at the shop.

Dhara says don’t stop his studies, please, give him a chance. Rishita says he is so stubborn, he isn’t even saying sorry, he has no realization, Suman is right. Raavi says we will find some midway, his studies shouldn’t stop. Krish shouts enough, you all are thinking of yourself, you don’t know my mental state, I loved Krish. He goes. Suman stops Dhara. Dhara says he didn’t do right by stealing money, he is upset, he truly loved Kirti, he needs me, let me go.

Kirti talks to her friend about her Singapore trip. She says dad is sending me here for shopping, how sweet is that, no tension of exams, it will be fun. Krish recalls Kirti’s words. Suman asks Gautam to get locks for the safe.

Gautam says we shall keep the money in the bank. She says just do as I say, no one will enter my room now. Rishita says give a punishment to Krish and bring him to the path. Suman scolds her and goes. Dev asks Rishita to stop it. Shiva asks Gautam to get locks for Suman.

Dhara comes to Krish. She scolds him. He says sorry, I made a mistake, I have stolen the money, you just go, else you will get insulted. He shouts on her. Raavi comes to buy the vegetables. She goes live and shows the organic vegetables.

Krish says I have stolen the earrings you got for Raavi, and gave it to Kirti, I had beer also, I can’t tolerate when my friends used to make fun of my poverty, I didn’t complain until Kirti came in my life, I really loved her, not for her money, but she never loved me, I have done so much for her madly.

Dhara cries. He says I have nothing left with me now. She leaves. He shuts the door. Gautam says we have many locks at home, but mum wants two new locks. Dhara comes and says I m thinking where did we go wrong. Gautam says we gave him whatever he asked, Rishita isn’t wrong, stop being emotional, explain him to study well and succeed, then we will see what to do. She cries.

He asks why are you crying, its his mistake, he will rectify. She says yes, but I feel scared for him. He asks did he say anything to you. She says this time, I won’t hide anything from you, you remember the earrings I bought for Raavi, Krish had stolen it and gave it to Kirti, I asked him if he took the money from my box, he didn’t regret telling his mistakes, I didn’t feel that he has a guilt,

he was saying he will go to the jail, didn’t I give right values to Krish. Gautam says no, you didn’t teach him to steal. She says I should have stopped him, Dev and Shiva aren’t like Krish. Gautam says Krish didn’t see them working, its our love or our mistake. She asks will he get on path. He says I hope so.


Pandya Store 22nd July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shiva scolds Raavi. He says mum and Dhara got defamed, is our love so cheap, why are you doing this, tell me.

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Telecast Date:22nd July 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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