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Pandya Store 22nd August 2022 Episode starts Kalyani and Kamini saying we will get the cradle for the baby. Rishita’s family leaves. Suman assigns duties to Dhara and Raavi. Raavi gets an opportunity.

She says I can’t come out of town. The girl offers 2 lakhs. Shiva hears Raavi. Raavi says my priorities are different, take the offer. Raavi says I will talk later. Shiva and Raavi argue. He says you love the family, not me. He asks shall I give life for you, the day I forget loving you, think I forgot to breathe. She smiles.

He asks her to go live and stay happy, get busy on phone. She says fine, you want me to go, then I will go now. She calls the girl and accepts the offer. She says I m going now. Shiva taunts her. She angrily goes.

Dhara makes the baby ready. Suman asks did you make the list. Dhara says yes. Suman asks did you forget anything. Dhara says I told you everything. Suman says we want new clothes for Naamkaran.

Dhara says I will get it. Dhara asks Rishita to take the baby. She says I just changed her clothes. Rishita asks why did you make her wear Chiku’s clothes. Suman says its not a big thing. Rishita argues that Chiku is a stranger, Chiku wasn’t born to Dhara.

She throws Chiku’s clothes there. Dhara feels sad. Shweta isn’t able to handle Chiku. She says Chiku is good with Dhara, we will go to Dhara, he is safe with Dhara. Dhara dreams of Chiku. She wakes up. Gautam asks her to have water. He says don’t call them at night, it won’t be good, sleep now.

Shweta’s mum says Chiku’s fever is getting high. Her dad says I m calling the doctor. Shweta says no, I can’t handle him. Shweta’s mum asks her to relax and hug the baby. Shweta says I tried a lot, he isn’t getting calm, he always cries, let him handle stay with Dhara. She gets dizzy. Her mum holds her and asks him to call he doctor.

Shweta’s mum brings Chiku to Pandya house. Suman stops Dhara from taking Dhara. Shiva asks why can’t Dhara take him. Dev says if Dhara takes him today, then Shweta’s mum will get him here for little things, we have to stop Dhara. Rishita says Shiva doesn’t understand what’s right and what’s wrong.

Raavi says we should not have any problem in taking Chiku. Dev asks Shweta’s mum to take away Chiku. Shweta’s mum says just listen to us. Suman says ask your daughter to handle the baby, did she run away.

Shweta’s mum says no, he is crying a lot, he isn’t well. Suman asks how is Dhara related to him, you think she is a mum on rent, no, I won’t let you play with Dhara’s emotions, take the baby and go away, just go. Dhara gets restless. Suman takes her. They shut the door. Shweta’s mum comes inside the house again. Chiku cries a lot.

Shweta’s mum asks Suman not to become so heartless, Krishna was also with Yashoda, can’t Dhara become his Yashoda for some days. Suman says she can become forever, she was ready to become Yashoda for entire life, but can your daughter become Devki.

Shweta’s mum says Shweta doesn’t have a good fate, she panicked seeing the baby’s bad health, she got an attack, she is in the hospital. She gives Chiku to Dhara and asks her to handle him. Chiku gets calm in Dhara’s arms.

She says Chiku got calm for the first time. Suman says return the baby, they will come again and take her. Shweta’s mum says its my mistake, until Shweta gets fine, let the baby stay with Dhara, I beg you Suman. She cries. Dhara says don’t worry, Chiku won’t have any problem, I will take care of him until his mum gets fine.


Pandya Store 23rd August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rishita says its my Chutki’s day, I don’t want Dhara to spoil anything. Dev asks her not to do any drama. She refuses for the Naamkaran.

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Telecast Date:22nd August 2022
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