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Pandya Store 20th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 20th October 2022 Episode starts with Suman scolding Shweta. Suman says it’s a bad omen. Dhara says its good, its all in the mind. Rishita laughs. Suman asks did I say any joke, why are you laughing.

Rishita says Lord is giving us a sign but you aren’t able to understand. Shweta and Krish enter the house. The grahpravesh happens. The guests also come. Suman says there is no program for lunch, thanks for coming, you may leave. The ladies leave. Suman says Shweta, you can’t sleep in Krish’s room before Mu dikhai, you sleep in Rishita’s room today. Rishita asks why, my room is filled with many things,

Chutki cries at night, you don’t want Shweta to get dark circles, right, it’s a bad idea. Suman says you went to Shweta’s room to have friendship, I will give you another chance, you both sleep in the same room and become best friends. Suman asks Rishita to give the jewellery bag.

Shweta thinks to sell the jewellery and get money. Rishita thinks I won’t give it to her. She says we have already become good friends, ask Shweta, we had fun in the bus, but she told me something in the bus, it touched my heart, you ask Shweta about it. She asks Shweta to tell Suman, she won’t feel bad. Suman asks Shweta to say.

Rishita says she was saying that she is careless about jewellery, she wants to keep this in the locker for security. Suman says yes, Krish’s choice can’t be wrong. Rishita says yes, Shweta is right for Krish. She asks Shweta did you feel bad when I told Suman about your feelings. Shweta says no,

why would I. Suman says end this now, I m tired, I will sleep, you all also sleep. She takes the jewellery with her. Raavi says Rishita is right, Shweta would be tired, I will take her to my room. Rishita says good idea. She hugs Shweta and says you came inside the house, but not for long, I will bring your truth out.

Shweta says I got married, I have become Krish’s wife and Suman’s fav bahu, we will see what you can do. Gautam thinks Dhara is covering up something. They all go. Shweta thanks Dhara. She says I want your help, don’t tell this truth to anyone else Krish will feel bad.

Dhara says I have no intention of telling it, just don’t break my trust. Shweta thanks her. Gautam recalls everything. Dhara hugs him and says now we can live in peace, all the kids got married, take me somewhere.

She jokes. He says every relation should start with truth, not lie, tell me the matter, why were you in tension, who were you following, what’s Shweta’s role in this, tell me. Dhara says I m not hiding anything. He says I want to know the truth. She says matter is over. He says I won’t believe your story,

tell me where did you make the fake jewellery. She asks him to trust her. He says you have created many mess while doing good for the family. She says I won’t say anything to you, go and join Rishita’s gang.

He says fine, I m going. She says don’t fight with me today. He says I m going to Krish. Gautam and Shiva come to Krish, and pull his leg. Dev also comes. Gautam says marriage is a big responsibility, golden rule, always listen to Shweta. Dev laughs and says what a joke, I was feeling sleepy,

Rishita kicked me out of the room. They laugh. Dev says sort out, you don’t get stuck between wife and mum’s issues. Gautam says you got late in advising him. Dev asks Gautam why did he come here. Gautam says maybe Dhara… I felt Krish will get busy from tomorrow, so I thought to have bro talk. Dev says we know why you came here, we will sing and dance.

They sing ye raat aur ye duri… and dance. They imagine romancing their wives. They laugh. Dhara says its Shweta and Krish’s new start, I don’t want to tell about Shweta. Shweta says I have the flight tomorrow, I don’t care for this marriage and this family once mom names the custody papers to me.


Pandya Store 21st October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Krish gets Shweta’s flight tickets. Dev asks Krish where is Shweta. Krish thinks is Shweta really thinking of going to Dubai, what will I tell the family now.

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Telecast Date:20th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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