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Pandya Store 19th October 2022 Episode starts with Shweta saying Deven had kidnapped Chiku, Rishita was telling about Forum, Deven was Forum, he told me that he will leave Chiku if I give him money, but I didn’t let him take the money, he asked me to ask money to my dad, I refused, he made me steal and beg.

Dhara says you don’t get tired of telling the same story. Shweta says he is still after me, he is blackmailing me by showing a robbery video, what would you do being in my place. Dhara says I would have told the truth. Shweta says money and jewellery aren’t imp than Chiku, sorry, if you think I gave him more value. She does a drama and cries. Dhara opens the door and sees Krish with Chiku.

Shweta thinks I have to stop Dhara. Rishita shouts and asks Dev to open the door. Suman and everyone come there. Rishita says Dev isn’t opening the door, I have to tell the truth. Dev asks her not to say anything. Suman asks Dev to open the door, if he wants to reach Somnath on his legs. Dev opens the door.

Rishita says Shweta has made fake jewellery and got it exchanged in the swimming pool, you have the fake jewellery. Suman asks why would Shweta do this. Krish asks Shweta where did Dhara go. He says swear on me, tell me the matter. He asks her to say, what is the matter.

She thinks how to tell him, I have to reach Dhara first. She says we got married today, Dhara was getting emotional, she was begging me to take care of you and love you always. Suman says call Dhara, she will tell me the truth. Dhara comes and says I had made the fake jewellery.

Rishita gets shocked. Suman asks what game are you playing. Krish says Dhara is such, she always thinks of others’ happiness first, she begged you for my happiness, I also promise you… Shweta goes.

Dhara says no, I had made it for security, its good that I found the thief who had stolen the real jewellery. Shweta and Krish come. Suman asks what is Rishita saying. Dhara says I will clear your confusion. Shweta worries. Dhara says Rishita is doubting everyone since the money got stolen from your cupboard, we got the jewellery back today because of Rishita. She thanks Rishita and says sorry.

Rishita pushes her. She says I hate you. Shweta thanks Dhara. Suman asks everyone to come, they have to go home. Rishita stops Dhara. Dhara says forget it. Rishita says we had proof against her, why did you lie to the family. Dhara says no, you are thinking wrong. She tells everything. Rishita laughs and asks is this a joke, you don’t trust anyone, you are trusting Shweta now, she is a fraud. They argue.

Dhara says she did that for Chiku, can’t we give her a chance to stay between us, I m sure that she will move on with Krish. Rishita says you didn’t tell the truth to family, Shweta told the story to you, she knows you can be easily convinced, you have started to break the Pandya family. Dhara says enough, I did what I felt right, forget this and move on.

Rishita says no, we won’t give the jewellery to Shweta. Shweta’s bidaai happens. Dhara asks Jankana not to worry for Shweta. Dhara says we will keep her with much love, don’t worry.

Shweta hugs her parents and cries. Rishita thinks they will know after Shweta ruins them, my family is going to welcome destruction home. Pandyas leave from the resort. Hari checks the bill. He asks about the amount. The man says Gautam has paid half the payment, he didn’t listen to me.

Jankana says they have self respect, I wish Shweta stays well there, make changes in the will. Hari nods. Suman and everyone welcome Krish and Shweta home. Shweta drops the kalash backside. Krish holds her. Everyone looks on.


Pandya Store 20th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Krish gets Shweta’s flight tickets. Dev asks Krish where is Shweta. Krish thinks is Shweta really thinking of going to Dubai, what will I tell the family now.

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Telecast Date:19th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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