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Pandya Store 18th October 2022 Episode starts with Shweta saying I will take care of Dhara. Rishita taunts her. Shweta asks them to go. She thinks Dhara, get up and ask me whatever you want. Shiva comes to help Raavi.

She says I don’t need help. The bag falls down. He asks what’s your problem, you just accuse me all the time. She asks do I accuse you. He says no, you do my aarti. Rishita says I have done the packing. Dev says no need to do any drama now. Rishita says I will not let bidaai happen until the truth comes out. The bag falls down. They see the jewellery. Shweta drops the water jug.

She picks a glass piece. Shiva says its about my respect, how shall I explain you. He kicks the bag in anger. He says you have a problem with my anger, it will stay the same. He argues with Raavi. She also kicks a bag in anger and breaks it. She scolds him. She says I have no patience, your ego won’t allow you to fix your problems, you could have got me along, but you didn’t message and call me, you don’t love me, you are fraud.

Rishita keeps the jewellery. Dev says Suman should have this jewellery, what is it doing with you, tell me the truth. Rishita asks will you believe the truth, Shweta made fake jewellery, Dhara couldn’t attend the marriage while finding the real jewellery, Shweta was sending this out with someone.

Dhara gets conscious. Shweta acts hurt. She asks Dhara not to get down, there is glass pieces on the floor. Dhara asks do you worry for me. Shweta says I have done this to explain the matter. Shiva says you broke my bag and got happy, fine, I don’t love you, I will not apologize, did you call or message me, you are also like me, there is no difference, I will stay the same, you can stay if you want or go to hell. He leaves.

Raavi says don’t know why I loved him. Gautam says Dhara missed Krish’s marriage, where did she disappear, what’s going on. Shiva comes and asks where shall I keep the bags. Gautam asks did you fight with Raavi. Shiva says no, it doesn’t matter. Suman says no one cares for each other. She asks them to keep the gifts and bags. Dhara says I won’t listen to you, I will call Gautam. Chiku cries. Krish comes and helps them. Gautam says you don’t do the work, handle Chiku. He gets Dhara’s call. He says I think she got conscious. Shweta snatches Dhara’s phone. She says I won’t let you talk to anyone. She asks Gautam not to worry, she will get Dhara downstairs. He says okay.

Dhara shouts on Shweta. Gautam says Shweta will get Dhara. Suman says its good they are fine. Dhara scolds Shweta. She says you got married to Krish, but I won’t let his life get ruined, I will bring out your truth. Shweta says please listen to me once. She stops Dhara and begs her. Dhara says I don’t want to listen to you. Shweta says no, I know Deven gave you the jewellery,

I was helpless, I will show you. She says read the threatening messages. Dev claps and says you made a good story. Rishita says I will keep this bag, Suman has the fake jewellery, she is happy, she should know how Shweta is fooling her. Dhara says Deven is Chiku’s dad, yes or no. Shweta nods. Dhara asks when were you going to tell this to us, you lied to us that he is your namesake brother, are you not ashamed. Shweta says he is dangerous, I did as he told me, he came back in my life.

Dhara says we never judged you about the past, because Krish was loving you, everyone accepted you, Rishita warned me about you and asked me not to trust you, you are a liar and cheat, this marriage happened today, it will break today. Shweta says no, listen to me once. Dev says even if you are saying the truth, its no use, the marriage has happened. Rishita says she can’t fool us, I m going to tell everything to mum. Gautam says we will take Chiku to Dhara.

Rishita says wait, I have to talk something imp. Krish takes Chiku to Dhara. Suman asks shall we guess the matter, tell me. Rishita says I came to say that the jewellery you have is fake. Suman asks why, Dhara took the real ones. Rishita says I will show the real ones. Dev says tell it later to Suman, come, Chutki has done potty. Suman says you go and clean it, I will listen to Rishita first. Dev says Chutki is crying. Raavi comes. Rishita says I will not go. Dev lifts Rishita and takes her. Rishita asks Dev to leave her.

Suman asks what is this matter. Gautam says don’t know. Suman says Dhara took money for real jewellery, why would she make fake jewellery. Shiva praises Dhara, and taunts Raavi. Rishita asks Dev to leave her.

Suman asks why is she shouting. Shweta says I couldn’t believe that something good can happen with me, I have seen just sorrow in my life. Dhara says don’t show crocodile tears in front of me, what will I tell Krish, he was dreaming to spend life with you, how to break his dreams, I can’t let him cry all life, I will tell your truth to Krish. Krish comes upstairs.


Pandya Store 19th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rishita says I will get Shweta’s truth out. She says Maa, Shweta made fake jewellery. Suman asks Dhara to say the truth.

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Telecast Date:18th October 2022
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