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Pandya Store 18th August 2022 Episode starts with Shiva lying to Suman. He asks her not to worry, he is okay. He goes out of the house to check. He sits on the stairs. He says if she comes back, then I will see her. He locks the door and sits outside.

Its morning, Shiva wakes up and looks around. He goes inside the house and washes his face. Raavi gets tea. He asks her to stand at the door till he gets a bath and comes. She asks why, is anyone coming. He says I will tell you later. She says fine. He says go there, don’t move. Dev and Rishita get the baby.

Dhara asks Raavi to pass the talcum powder for Chiku. Raavi goes to get it. Suman says I asked pandit to make the kundali, then we will name the baby well. Dhara applies the power to Chiku. Gautam asks did you inform Janardhan about the baby. Dev says no, he can never stay happy with us.

Suman says he has an equal right on her, call him. Rishita smiles. Dhara says Chiku got ready, I will clean up Chutki also. Rishita says I m excited to do this. Shiva comes and sees Raavi. He says you couldn’t stand at the door for 5mins. Suman asks why, who were you waiting for. Shweta’s mum comes home. Shiva is shocked. She asks them to return her grandchild to her, her Chiku. Shiva says I told you not to come back here, just leave.

Shweta’s mum says I can’t leave my grandchild this way, ask Dhara, doesn’t she know my daughter. She calls Shweta there. Shweta and her dad come. Dhara and Gautam are shocked. Shweta’s mum asks Dhara to say if she doesn’t know Shweta, if she isn’t having Shweta’s baby in her lap.

She asks Dhara to tell everyone. Dhara says I don’t know this girl’s name, but yes she is Chiku’s mum, I took her to the hospital that day. She cries.
Everyone is shocked. Raavi says you can’t keep a mum away from his mum, how could you stop them from coming in front of Dhara, did you know this, why didn’t you tell us. He says I m not stone-hearted, I think of Dhara.

Suman says we have no right to keep the baby away from his mum. She asks Dhara to give the baby. Dhara refuses. Krish is busy buying toys for Chiku and Chutki. The man says new born can’t play with the toys, you can buy toys for Chiku. Krish says fine, pack it and make the bill.

Shweta says we should go home and come later. Her mum says let me talk to them. Dhara scolds her for leaving the baby to die and now come to claim him. Shweta says I had no option that time. Dhara says you had problems in your life, so you left your baby and ran away, I came to you to return the baby, you left the baby, you can’t be his mum, where were you when he needed you, we gave him love, you came back to ruin everything, I won’t let this happen.

Gautam asks Dhara to return the baby, she can’t show her rights on the baby by showing his mum’s mistakes. Dhara says I will return the baby happily, what’s the guarantee that she won’t leave the baby on the road again. Shweta’s mum says I know you don’t trust Shweta, I guarantee that I will take care of the baby.

Dhara says you should have told this before, you left Shweta to wander on roads, same way she left her baby. Shweta’s dad says you are right, but you have to understand that situation isn’t the same always, I m grateful to you all for loving the baby.

He says Chiku was with the world’s best family. Shweta’s mum says Shweta married a wrong man, he ran away with his money and jewellery, he left her on the roads. Shweta cries. Shweta’s dad asks Dhara to return their happiness, Chiku is imp for Shweta and family, I promise, we will take good care of him.

Shweta asks Suman to tell Dhara to give the baby. Suman says Dhara, you knew this, this day will come someday, give the baby to his mum. Dhara signs no. Gautam says don’t do this, you promised me, you will return Chiku when you get his mum, please return him to his mum. Dhara cries.


Pandya Store 19th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rishita asks where is Raavi. Suman says Raavi is with Dhara. Kamini, Janardhan and Kalyani come. Kamini argues with Suman.

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Telecast Date:18th August 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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