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Pandya Store 15th October 2021 Episode starts with Raavi angrily throwing water on Shiva and Disha. She hides. Shiva shouts in anger. Disha smiles and says I like bad people who know they are bad, good people think they are away from bad, the person who accepts bad is the best. Shiva says you talk well.

She says you can walk with me and see my goodness, you may get a good friend if you can’t love me, thanks for coming with me. She goes. Raavi says this girl is so fast, she met today and kissed him. Shiva goes to change. Raavi comes. He asks from where are you coming with this water bucket. She says I have washed clothes. She argues with him.

He asks her to go and sleep. She murmurs. He asks what are you saying, what problem do you have with Disha. He asks her to answer. She says nothing, I bless you to always stay happy and together. Shiva jokes on her. He goes. Anita says I had played garba with Gautam. Prafulla asks her to stop dreaming.

Anita says you didn’t find a guy for me, I m close to get Gautam, you aren’t motivating me, look at Suman, she got many girls for Shiva. Prafulla says I want to get Raavi married first. Anita says good idea, stay away from me. She goes. Krish greets Kirti. She whistles. Ishq wala love….plays… She throws her phone number. Janardhan asks his goons to beat up Krish. Krish shouts leave me. His dream ends. He shouts in sleep.

Shiva wakes up and asks what happened. Krish says nothing, it was Janardhan, we was insulting me. Shiva says don’t worry, I will take an entry in your dream, I will beat him, sleep now. Krish thanks him.

Its morning, Gautam and Dhara meet the doctor. The doctor says things look fine, we will get some blood tests done, take care and have good food. Dhara asks will anyone happen to our child. Doctor asks her to stay positive, they will discuss when reports come. Suman and Kanta are on the way. They speak to some ladies.

They ladies say Ram Leela won’t happen this year, the play artists met with an accident. Suman says we will do Ram Leela, we have many artists in our Somnath. The lady asks who will do it so soon. Suman says we have to think of something. She sends them.

Suman comes home. She talks to everyone. She says my family will play the roles, my four sons will become Ram and brothers, Dhara will become Sita, we will fit Prafulla in a villain’s role, you all start, take 1000rs donation from me. Dev asks how will we do this arrangement. Shiva says I don’t know. Rishita says you know the college fests, Dev, I m already excited. Gautam and Dhara come home.

Suman says you went out early morning. Dhara says I was feeling unwell, so we went to a doctor. Suman asks is everything fine. Gautam says no, we went for routine checkup. The lady asks Gautam to start rehearsals, Gautam and Dhara will become Ram and Sita. Suman says let Dhara rest, we will find some other Sita.

Gautam says I don’t know acting, how can I play Ram. Suman says you will do. Dev says she thinks we will save her respect. Dhara thinks if Gautam becomes Ram, then I will become Sita. Krish says it will be fun. Dev asks how can we do this in such a less time. They all act. Rishita laughs.

Suman says its my last decision. Gautam says as you command. Krish jokes on Prafulla. Raavi stops him. Suman says so its decided, Gautam will become Ram. Rishita asks the signing amount. The lady says its Ram leela of Somnath, you won’t get anything, we are keeping best couple competition. Suman says take Raavi’s form, she is getting divorced, I will get Disha’s sign on the form.

Dhara says Raavi is still Shiva’s wife. Suman says husband and wife’s relation is from the body and heart, their relation broke long time back, they will get divorced, Disha likes Shiva a lot, she will marry him, if Shiva becomes Bharat, then Disha will become Mandvi. Raavi gets sad.


Pandya Store 16th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Dhara says Disha you are nice, don’t get between Shiva and Raavi, we are sure that they are made for each other, its in Raavi’s hand if she leaves Shiva or not. Raavi looks on.

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Telecast Date:15th October 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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