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Pandya Store 15th August 2022  Episode starts with Shweta saying you can’t become Chiku’s Dadi…. Rishita shouting the baby is coming. Everyone is shocked. Dev says manage it today please. Rishita pulls his hair and says I can’t tolerate the pain now.

Dhara says leave his hair, he would be hurt. Suman jokes. Shweta and her parents look on. Shiva asks what will happen now. Dhara says I don’t know. Gautam says someone call the doctor. Suman says I will call.

Everyone tries to call the doctor. Shiva says its not connecting. Gautam says everyone can’t call at the same time, let me call. Krish says there is strike of auto rickshaw today, how will doctor come. Doctor is busy in the OT. Shweta says we shouldn’t go inside now, there is a medical emergency. Shweta’s mum asks her to go and sit in the car, and let her handle.

Shweta’s dad takes her. The ladies make Rishita lie down. Rishita says I m going to die. Dev worries. Kanta says I think the baby will come soon. Suman says I also think so. Gautam says doctor’s phone isn’t connecting,

I will go and get the doctor. Suman says no, there is no time now, water break has happened, its our mistake, we didn’t listen to her, baby is coming, I have done many deliveries, I will do yours. Rishita says no. Suman says ask Kanta, I delivered her first baby. Kanta says I will see the baby’s home delivery. Dev calls him a donkey. Suman says its too late.

She asks Raavi to get sheets. She asks Dhara to get hot water. She asks the men to go out. Dev asks them to go. Rishita says I thought to deliver the baby at a good nursing home, its happening at home, what will I tell the baby. Suman says say that his Dadi got him delivered, all the men leave. Rishita asks Dev to stay back. Suman asks Dev to leave. Rishita shouts.

Everyone assists Suman. Shweta’s mum enters the house. Dev says its all my mistake, I didn’t understand that baby is coming, I thought it’s a wrong call. Shiva says baby will come, don’t worry. Dev cries. Gautam, Shiva and Krish console him. Shweta’s mum takes Chiku and leaves. Shiva sees her.

He says he looks like Chiku. He runs after her. Shweta gets shocked seeing Chiku. Shiva comes to them. He asks where are you taking him. Shweta’s mum says he is my grandchild. He asks how will you take her, what proof do you have. Shweta says I have my daughter here, she is Chiku’s mum. Shiva says talk to me if you have proof. Shweta’s mum says tell him, that you are his mum.

Shiva says she might be knowing Dhara and Gautam, we are keeping him home legally. He warns them and asks them to leave. He takes Chiku with him. Dev sees Rishita and says I can’t help you, don’t worry, Suman and Dhara will handle it, everything will be fine. Dhara asks Rishita to have a deep breath.

Krish asks Dev to think of baby names and relax. Dev slaps him. Gautam says shut up, let me call the doctor. Dhara says Chiku isn’t here. Raavi says he would be with Shiva. Rishita says focus on me. Dhara says I will just see him and come. Rishita says Dhara doesn’t worry for me. Gautam calls the doctor and asks her to come soon. Doctor says sorry, I was in OT, don’t worry, I will come in half an hour.

Dhara comes and asks where is Chiku, where is Shiva, does he have Chiku. Gautam says I will call him. Dhara asks did anyone take Chiku by taking an advantage of the crowd. Rishita says how can Dhara leave me. Suman asks her to push the baby. Shiva gets Chiku. Dhara hugs Chiku.

She asks where did you take him. Shiva says no. She says I felt I lost him forever. She takes Chiku with her. Gautam says give Chiku to me and handle Rishita. Dhara says no, I will keep him with me. Dev says I have stomach ache.

Krish says its gas. Dev says I want to die. Gautam says don’t die, sit here, tell me, what did Rishita and you plan for the future, I think she has decided baby’s name, school, college. Krish says if its baby girl, then the name will be Devilal. Shiva jokes on him. They argue. Gautam says stop it, look at Dev, he will cry.

Shiva says sorry, we will make some savings for the baby, he will make our name shine. Dev says yes. They all smile and hug. They see an auto driver arguing with an old man. Shiva and everyone go there, and scold the auto driver. The driver says I will handle this. He pushes Gautam and says go and do your work. Krish and Dev beat the driver. Shiva asks Krish to recall Kirti breaking his heart and beat the driver.

Krish beats him a lot. Shiva also beats him. Police comes and asks them to leave the auto driver. Inspector scolds them. Shiva says he was troubling Kaka and pushed Gautam. Inspector asks constable to arrest them. Gautam says we were sorting their fight. Dev says my wife is delivering a baby. Police takes them to the car.


Pandya Store 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shweta’s mum asks Dhara to return Chiku to her. She gets Shweta there and asks Dhara to say, isn’t Shweta the same girl who she admitted in the hospital. Dhara refuses to give Chiku.

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Telecast Date:15th August 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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