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Pandya Store 14th October 2022  Episode starts with Krish saying you have taken much care of us, now Shweta and Chiku are also family, our family got completed. She cries and signs him about their family, she loves them. He says what you did for us, I can’t pay back that favor, I have tried a little now. He cries.

She signs and asks why are you crying. He says its tears of happiness. He hugs her. She wipes his tears. Deven messages Shweta… I got the real jewellery, but I got hurt, help me in leaving from here, else I will get caught. Shweta says it means my Sasural is happy seeing the fake jewellery, I have to send off Deven.

Shweta’s parents welcome the baraat. Suman thinks I have to find out what they are doing. Rishita comes to meet Shweta. Shweta thinks how shall I help Deven now. Rishita signs her. Shweta says I don’t understand, I have to go out. Rishita hugs her.

Rishita signs they will be friends. Shweta asks do you want to do friendship with me. She thinks what’s this drama. Rishita signs I will make you ready. She makes Shweta sit and wear the jewellery. Shweta thinks how to make her leave, Deven would be waiting for me. Everyone dances with Krish in his baraat. Dhara looks on. Suman says I won’t give the jewellery to anyone, I can’t take risk, you have sent Rishita.

Dhara signs I didn’t send her. Raavi says Dhara won’t do anything, give the jewellery. Suman says I know, you three are together, if any drama happens then I won’t forgive you. Dhara cries and signs that its her son’s marriage also, she promises to not do anything. Suman says fine, do as Dhara tells, its your responsibility. Raavi says yes. She takes the jewellery bag. She goes to keep it in the plate. She gets shocked seeing the fake jewellery.

She calls out Dhara and says this hallmark came out. Dhara thinks it means Rishita was right. She checks all the boxes. She thinks to tell this to Rishita. Shweta says I will use mom’s washroom. She goes. Rishita gets Dhara’s message, the jewellery got exchanged. She shouts stop.

Dhara signs Raavi about the jewellery exchanged in the swimming pool. Raavi asks how did this happen. Dhara signs Raavi to stay here, and put the ghunghat over her face to take her place. Raavi says same dress, I should become you. Dhara thinks I won’t let this marriage happen. Shweta says you spoke, I will complain to Suman. Rishita signs I didn’t say anything. Suman asks Dhara and Raavi to come. Dhara puts the ghunghat and leaves.

Raavi puts the ghunghat and goes to Suman. Suman says you have put the ghunghat, call Rishita here. Jankana says all the preparations are done. Suman says everything is fine. She asks Dhara to go to Krish. Raavi goes. Rishita also enters the bathroom. She asks Shweta to get ready. Shweta says no, I m not comfortable. Rishita thinks now this marriage won’t happen. Suman signs Dhara to call Rishita.

Raavi thinks where did Dhara trap me. Raavi signs her. Suman says call Raavi, she will translate and tell me. Suman calls Rishita. Raavi laughs hearing her. Suman asks why does your laugh sound like Raavi’s. Deven looks out of his room. Dhara sees him and thinks he looks like Deven. She sees the bag in his hand.


Pandya Store 15th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Raavi says Shweta made fake jewellery. Dhara says I won’t let Krish’s life get ruined, I will stop the marriage. Shweta laughs and says you have no proof, I will become Mrs. Pandya.

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Telecast Date:14th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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